Why Cant They Just Let The Virus Rip Through The Universities?

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dave50 | 13:20 Sat 26th Sep 2020 | News
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They are all young so they will have very mild symptoms and by the time they get home they will all have had it.


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//Good example from the judge, thank's judge. Judge is saying the virus doesnt kill peopel they just die of it. Er...// That's not what the judge said at all (as I'm sure you know). My criticism is of the pejorative language being used to promote hysteria. Young people are told not to "kill their granny". If they pass the virus on to their granny and she dies as a...
12:35 Sun 27th Sep 2020
You are joking, yeah?
I think they probably are
Confining them to office blocks means that everyone will get it
BUT - will it burn out or will there be carriers ?
Because they don't all get mild symptoms:-
//Young people are developing Covid-19 at significant rates—and hundreds have died//
Because there's a billion to one chance of them passing it on to someone's granny, apparently.
Healthy young people don't die, danny. Where would you get an idea like that.
// You are joking, yeah?//
nope cant see no smilies ;)

anyway if he is a lawyer he can insist smoothly later - - he never said that....

and was discussed in February - merges in the non scientific mind with herd immunity, and so you let it rage until 60% have had it and make sure that no one over 60 y gets it..... our record on that so far has been bad
It's being said that the students still might not be able to return home for xmas. Yet my son, back at uni this week, has been told by his employer that he can come straight back to work at half term.

His employer.....The Government!!
Spicerack//Healthy young people don't die, danny.//
Oh yes they do:-
// //Young people are developing Covid-19 at significant rates—and hundreds have died////
yup Danny has said it before
and nope its not true (*)

but hey this is AB folks !

(*) No less than spiegelhalter - gadfly epidemiologist said - the mortality rises from small children to those over 60 and get steadily greater
and I thought as in 0,0,0,0,0,20,40,60
which is kinda an odd steadily ....
That's what will happen if they keep them shut up in a cage, Considering government seem to think that being indoors is more dangerous than being outdoors, and do you really think that their going to not visit each others flat. Go back to the very beginning of the virus, people locked away on holiday ships.
PP //yup Danny has said it before
and nope its not true (*)//
I see that you are still spewing out garbage. Did you take the trouble to read the link?
Question Author
Yes a few young people have died, (the BBC like to dig around till they find a case then plaster it all over the news headlines to frighten the hyperchondriacs witless) however it's very few but I suppose it's enough for the 'one death is too many brigade' I despair.
and the actual graph is here

scroll about half way down

doesnt lift off the x axis ( ie is zero) until 55-59 y
Dave, this was up to June but I think there must be some since then.I agree that the numbers are low but should we encourage young people to just succumb to Covid 19?
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Interesting stats, pp.
Jeez, I agree Dave50, let the young’uns get on with their lives as normal (not “the new normal” - just normal normal) and be careful when they visit their grandparents.
I suppose people under 50 are young to you, danny. We were talking teenagers.
Danny's article is from America and classes young as under 50 and, as over here, death rates increase with age, so this is not really relevant in a discussion about students in this country. PP's link is much more to the point.
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If I was paying £27,000pa to master interpretive dance(or whatever) I wouldn't be too happy about being treated like a cross between a prisoner and an infant. (by crinklies)

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