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fender62 | 16:35 Fri 25th Sep 2020 | News
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all this miss information scientists views etc, thinking about the rest of the world, and how there coping? seems like, unless there's a vaccine..its here forever, but should we be complacent, like some people...or ust be on our wits and just..well get on with it.


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We are not being allowed to get on with it, by government.
Get on with it
It will get worse if people just 'get on with it'.
Complacency after the relaxing of the first lockdown has now caused all these problems.
In my opinion people would get (and have had) the virus with only a few dying -maybe those who would die anyway getting the seasonal flu. As a person classed as 'vulnerable' because of immune suppressant medication I take, I would be happy for those who want to get on with their lives to jolly well get on with it and I would take care of my own personal safety.
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pub near my shut, as an employee had or has covid, dont know how long they will be closed for? butits a shame...dents my buzz.
a dented buzz is a terrible sacrifice, no doubt about it.
It’s not much of a sacrifice for one punter but it’s more serious perhaps for the establishment itself.

What’s happened is we had a shutdown in March which was unsustainable in the long term. When that was eased the inevitable happened and the thing started to spread again as it has in neighbouring countries.
It is a pity that that inevitability is now causing a mixture of blame and frustration
Meanwhile a WHO doctor assesses the prospect of two million deaths as “certainly unimaginable, but ... not impossible”

that sounds about right, ichkeria. I'll have to take his word for it that it's possible - but it's extremely hard to imagine 2 million people dying, at least for me. Something like the population of Kent vanishing?
Given we’re young to nearly a million already and it doesn’t seem to have peaked yet I’d have thought 2,000,000 was more that likely.
The other description is rather odd IMO but maybe just me
sorry, I misunderstood, I thought the quote was about Britain rather than the whole world. Worldwide, 2 million's not so much and I would have thought easy enough to imagine.
Of course it’s going to bloody spread again, it’s a virus; that’s what a virus does - it’s here for the foreseeable, we can’t meaningfully be protected from it, so we have to live with it.

Teacake and I may be approaching it from different ends (I don’t know) but whatever, Teacake is spot on, the Government is not allowing us to get on with it.

How many times does it have to be said that we should protect the old and the vulnerable, if they want to be protected (last time I looked we were still a free country), but given the number of deaths of the under 60s is only about 400, the risk needs to be put into perspective. And the perspective it needs to be put into is the risk to the economy and the undoubted and undeniable greater harm a fubarred economy will do to the many thousands, most likely hundreds of thousands, in a totally futile effort to protect us all. This is so startlingly obvious that I remain astonished that there’s people (if a poll from Wednesday is anything to go by) who want a full second lockdown.
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i was being pendantic, do's not good for all publicans anywhere, and i do feel for them and staff seriously, not worried about the opera houses in the westend though, plenty of millionares who could bankrole them...but where are they, tight fisted so and so's
oh the arts will suffer, sorry it's a niche, real businesses im more concerned with, you know jow smo..runs a cafe etc.
I agree with APG @ 18.38. I am classed as vulnerable, but I am happy for people to get on with their lives and I will look after myself.
"Something like the population of Kent vanishing?"

That would free up much needed space for parking all those lorries with the wrong documentation post actual Brexit.
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i don't in that older generation, but all this covid lockdown
is unprecedented, i suppose like during war time, get on with it.
The first autumn wave( before the winter wave) hopefully will require less intubation.

Telegraph > "3 Sep 2020 - The chances of dying in an intensive care unit (ICU) went from 43 per cent ... 75.9 per cent of Covid-19 patients were intubated within 24 hours of ... "

Independent > "9 Apr 2020 - Mechanical ventilation may be causing more damage than expected in those ... Normally, around 40 per cent of patients would be expected to die while receiving mechanical ventilation. ... "

D,Mail > "... in Europe, found just a fifth of intubated UK patients made it home alive. ..."

Try finding out how many intubated died in UK... good luck with that.
It's here to stay no matter how many lock downs we have. Get used to it, people will die, how many more times does it have to be said?
Cases will rise if we accept the inevitable and try to repair the damage to both the economy and the public psyche. But as long as an eye is kept on hospital admissions and deaths from cov, then getting back to normal activity is the only rational way to go. It's not complacency, it's acceptance of the limits we can achieve.

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