Biden V Trump

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Spicerack | 11:15 Fri 25th Sep 2020 | News
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The head to head debates are supposed to start this Tues.
Does anyone think Biden will turn up? I don't.
Posting early because it's quiet on here and the Dems will have to come out with an excuse this weekend.
BA for the best Biden excuse.


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sorry I can not make that It' my Grans Birthday
12:51 Fri 25th Sep 2020
Soz, no can do, self isolating.
sorry I can not make that
It' my Grans Birthday
Spicerack " Don't be fooled by 'out of context' clips."

"Trump’s chief weapon: silence your opponent with your own outrageous statements"

Trump's ONLY weapon.... no?
Are the people who are scaremongering and laying a false trail that Trump would refuse to leave office the same ones who have not accepted his right to hold office for the last 4 years despite being him being fairly elected? Are they the ones that are even now organising postal ballot fraud in Pennsylvania where military personnel votes for Trump have been found opened and discarded?
No they are not the same people.

Or maybe they are.

Is it a trick question?
No wonder the World's in such a mess when the Democratic Countries turn to TV reality-style shows to decide their future.

Who will you vote to leave the room next ?

What a dignified way to run a country.
Have they got the chads issue sorted ?

I wonder how many votes will be invalid because of that
Speaking about the American Revolution, Trump said, during a speech and using a teleprompter,

 “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory,”

Airports in the 1770s, the army manning the air, ramming ramparts and a fort that wasn't built until twenty years later, yup he's a great speaker...
//Trump said, during a speech and using a teleprompter,//

Who put the script up on the teleprompter?
Who couldn't read it correctly?
Togo, don't you feel embarrased to be defending someone whose IQ makes you seem a genius? Why do you do it? Would you read out BS from a teleprompter?
Who couldn't think, "Airports in the 1770s? That cannot be correct."?

Who couldn't think that "manned the air" made no sense?

It was raining at the time and he said it was difficult to read the teleprompter but he also said he, "knew the speech very well" so he has no excuse for the garbled rubbish he uttered.

I only asked a question. No answers then. Did you get ill tempered and all foot stampy when you were a child and someone asked a question that you didn't like to answer?
//someone whose IQ makes you seem a genius?//

??? Your iq(small letters for you) make Trump seem like a genius.
Togo, please grow up. You know what I mean.
I like Trump. Far from perfect, but a man for the moment.
Biden? I'm incredulous how the DNC picked him :-\
Pelosi said publicly Biden should not debate Trump.
I've listened to quite a few Trump rallies, he is formidable.
The world watches. What a year this has been for planet Earth. Though it’s not over yet.....
Dont really see the point of the election if Trump wont quit even if he loses.
Maybe both candidates should swear on the Bible and make a solemn oath that they will abide with the election result. This should be done before the debates start
TOGO, I have no idea who put that speech (or any other speech for that matter) on the teleprompter. Even if the person's name or job were known, how would that help?

Trump said he "knew the speech very well" so why did he not spot any errors in the script?

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