Students Might Be Told Not To Go Home For Christmas

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Cloverjo | 11:15 Fri 25th Sep 2020 | News
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This is horrible. I know there are worse things going on in the world. But students might not go home to see their families. They’re also being told not to socially mix with their fellow students.
I see troubles and more suicides ahead.


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I have always been quite 50/50 about all this so far. I am concerned about people's physical health, but also the trashing of the economy in general.
But, I have got to the point now, where the mental health, of everybody, seems to be being sacrificed, one way or another, and it's going too far. People are losing jobs, education experiences, and just human company when they need it most. It's gone from looking after the most vulnerable, to sheer inhumanity.
I see nothing wrong with it. At 18 years old they are adults and I am sick of all the media saying how University is almost essential and the first time for students they have been away from home and to get life experience in a new place - blah, blah, blah, etc.

This is a pampered generation of students. At 18 others are out there working, in the forces, tripping around the world and doing there own thing, etc.

There was a Scottish young man on TV last night almost blabbering because he couldn't go home for Christmas. They need to grow up, and learn to live in the real world. I just thank god I didn't bring up my child to be like this.

And the media are making it worse.

End of rant!

I feel really sorry for students (and young people in general) who seem to have borne the brunt of all the stupid rules. They are missing out on so much. Ok, they’re not in the army or having to eat gruel but their concerns are dismissed and they are labelled ‘snowflakes’ by the people that enjoyed their younger years, pursued their career aspirations and formed relationships.
Indeed clover
Well, exactly, sherr... things that most of us have already done ourselves. They aren't particularly at risk themselves, so unless they force themselves onto people who are shielding... let them have some life.
I don't label them as snowflakes. I label them as pampered. Not all of them. And 18 is an adult, who should be able to cope. Life has never been a doddle. University is for learning and helping them fulfil their dreams. Life experiences are more varied away from University.
I totally agree with Pixie @ 1122 except probably more strongly and have felt that way much longer. This is verging on mass hysteria.
By Christmas they will have made new friends in the residential halls and would probably have a much more fun at Christmas and not want to go home!
Grandson number 1 doing his masters - all being done on-line.
Grandson number 2, now in year 3 - two half day lectures before Christmas?

Live in Aberdeen and at Strathclyde Uni. If two half day lectures cause problems for the family then he won't be going to Glasgow for them.

Apc...that may very well be true. But there is a very big difference between making the choice to do something different, to stay with mates...and being told you cannot see those who you are closest too. Then there is no choice.
Unfortunately this lack of choice...making decisions that are right for being eroded across the board. It's affecting all of us to varying degrees...and not in a good way.
And don't forget it's probably the parents in many cases who would be devastated, it's not just about the students.
We are swapping quality of life, with quantity, for everyone... whether they like it or not.
I'm 46, so debatable whether I have had a "whole life" or not, but even I would rather have 2 more years with a proper quality, than 5 more without.
Covid does sound like a horrible way to die, as are many others. I've seen one person die from kidney failure and one from prostate cancer, purely due to their treatments being stopped (due to covid) and neither of those were pleasant, either.
Apc2604 Do you mean the real world where life doesn't shut down to stop people dying?
//Apc2604 Do you mean the real world where life doesn't shut down to stop people dying?//

Indeed. In the real world of just a few year's ago (i.e. before everybody expected the government to protect them from everything) no government would have even considered the restrictions in place today in order to stop a pandemic. They certainly would not have considered making restrictions that were so severe that people suffering from other, far more prevalent lethal diseases and other conditions which, whilst not necessarily fatal, left them in severe pain, were effectively left to their own devices to get on with it.

Quite frankly, whatever else is said about the way this matter has been handled, the neglect of non-Covid patients by the NHS is nothing short of a scandal. Incredible as it may seem, people are dying of things other than Covid. And some of them are dying because they have not been properly treated. It's a scandal and one for which there may have been an excuse for a few weeks in April, but for which there has not been one ever since and for which there should never be one again.
but who'll do their washing @christmas?
Dhobi wallahs will be drafted in by caring politicians.
I can't remember the last time I did my kids laundry. I'd just laugh at my son if he came home with his washing and expected me to do it.
The uni prison blocks, along with their own wash houses. That will be some learning curve for some. :0)))
If my son got stuck at Uni I would go collect him, its only 40 miles away. As it is they are being encouraged to stay at home as his course is going to be all done on line as are many more. He still has to pay his rent on his flat at Uni though and that's £135 per week.
// The uni prison blocks, along with their own wash houses. That will be some learning curve for some. :0)))//

You obviously have not see Uni accomodation for a long time ;-)

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Students Might Be Told Not To Go Home For Christmas

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