Tory Mps Losing Confidence In Boris.

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gulliver1 | 10:48 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | News
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Tory MPs and Goverment Ministers believe The P/M will be ousted during this Parliament, maybe sooner than later,Do any Boris Idolisers on A/B ,
agree with them.


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"Jack, it’s not for me to answer your question ( I’m not english ) "

But your are British and like it or not Westminster rules Britain apart from a few things they let the local Councils in Wales, NI and Scotland do.

So go on who would you like or prefer?
// But a succession of embarrassing U-turns and errors over the summer—on exam grading, virus tracking and face masks, among other things—has left Tory MPs dismayed at what they see as incompetence inside Johnson’s Downing Street operation.

When they returned to Westminster this week, many Tories were in a dark mood. “Overall, there’s not really a sense of grip and direction, which has been very disappointing,” one MP said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It needs more than funny jokes to get over it in the next few months; we really need stronger leadership.” //
Personally, as I am sure most will know by now I am bitterly disappointed with Boris.

OK, I would not like to be in his shoes and difficult decisions have to be made BUT, acting like a dictator listening only to a few unelected 'scientists' and not referring to Parliament and managing the message are two very big and important things he could have done.

For me I quite like Raab or Sunak although at present I prefer Sunak to be holding the purse strings. His time will come, perhaps next election?

I find it amusing that the most vocal and opinionated critic of the Tories on AB can't manage to do something as simple as a link.
In poll after poll, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak beats Boris in the popularity stakes every time.

Though it is easy to be popular when you are throwing cash around like confetti.
Gromit, but is Rishi more popular within the Tory party?
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I am not sure how you can have grip and direction when you are walking over two kinds of shifting sand....
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12.03 , spot on , Rishi will steal the crown from Boris.
That is if Cummings allows it.
bunch of idiots maybe, but they're the idiots who get to decide who the prime minister is. Mutterings from the back benches need to be taken seriously.
Depends how many are muttering. A lot of the latest intake owe their jobs to Boris and will not be too keen to risk those jobs.
In all the time I have shown an interest in politics every PM and party leader has had people in their own party openly questioning their actions and competence.

Yes, there are Tory MPs shown concerns about Boris, but that's normal and par for the course. It doesn't mean he is about to be deposed.

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Tory Mps Losing Confidence In Boris.

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