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^^^Women pretending to be black are no better TTT. (^_*)
18:09 Mon 21st Sep 2020
It's not easy to work out what drives such deceit and it does their supposed causes no good at all because eventually the truth will out.

Pleased they have apologised all the same.
not sure why they've apologised - if you can self identify your gender, then why not your racial identity?
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Had they identified as black men would they now be black-balled?

Asking for a brother.
They are not necessarily mentally ill, but they do have far too much free time on their hands, combined with a really serious case of self-importance, which leads them to assume that anyone on the planet gives a flying fig what colour their skin is, or indeed, what they pretend it is for the purposes of self-aggrandizement and general pointless personal obsession.
playing chess must be confusing for them...
This is the worst case of 'black fakery' I have seen - they claim that if they have a baby it will be black.
Fake black ladies

I thought it was a story about black ladies that are fake

You know like a fake Gucci handbag ?
Pretending to be black and calling yourself Cole is definitely taking taking the watsit. Olive Oyl and Sooty would never get away with those names now.
mushie as an anthropologist asks an anthropological q
and is the not the first:

and I er havnet read what she wrote
jesus Circe writes pretty high brow stuff

high powered jet octane after the low beer of yer standard AB finker !
^^^Women pretending to be black are no better TTT. (^_*)
I knew someone who identified as a white female for years until he was blackmaled by someone :-)
Just sad folk who can't cope with accepting who they are so need to relate to their preference instead. Apparently it's a thing now-a-days.
I suspect a little from column A and a little from Column B Spice.

Personally I really dont care what someone describes themselves as unless it could have a serious affect on others, e.g. calling yourself female to get into the ladies lavvy.

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Fake Black Ladies...

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