The Russians Are Coming. . .

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Canary42 | 12:18 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | News
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. . . or is it just more Tory sleaze.


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one of my favourite episodes....
Is Canary really Gulliver in disguise?
I don't think so, he can do links
1996 Film with Alan Arkin. Really funny.
For the last decade, Russia has used the UK to hide its dirty money. The Government were aware of what was happening, but turned a blind eye.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that the political party that facilitated it, is itself amply rewarded by Putin’s cronies.
Did Lubov, give the £1.7million to Boris ,as a reward for Employing Agent Dom.?.
And what happened to the Russian money given to Scargill then Gully?

Margaret Thatcher had frozen the NUMs funds during the Miners Strike. Scargill asked for donations from international miners organisations, and Russian Trade Unions obliged. The money was sent to the International Miners Organisation in Paris, who passed on the money to the NUM. That kept the NUM going during the year long strike. The money was not from the Kremlin, it was from fellow trade unionists.

The mystery of where Aaron Banks got the money from to fund Leave.EU is less documented.
gromit why have you got a new ID?
15.01 Same reason as you have.
//Same reason as you have.//

I am pretty sure TTT has never trounced off - so you are, as usual 100% wrong.
I don't have a new id gulliver, been here since 2013 me old china! Gromit recently spat the dummy out, seems odd to come back as an inevitably disappointing sequel.
In 1990, Scargill was accused in a series of Daily Mirror articles of mishandling money donated for the striking miners during the 1984-5 strike, with many of the sources being those who had previously worked with him in the NUM such as Kim Howells, Jim Parker and Roger Windsor. It was alleged that, of the money donated from Libya, Scargill took £29,000 for his own bridging loan and £25,000 for his home in Yorkshire, but gave only £10,000 to the striking Nottinghamshire miners. In addition, it was alleged that he had taken £1,000,000 of cash donated by the Soviet Union for the Welsh miners and placed it in a Dublin bank account for the "International Miners' Organisation", where it stayed until a year after the strike had finished.[30] There was much criticism of Scargill within the NUM from the Welsh and Scottish areas, who briefly considered splitting from the NUM.[31] An internal NUM report by Gavin Lightman QC found that Scargill had used some of the Libyan money to pay for improvements to his bungalow but not to pay off his mortgage (as had been alleged), and stated that Scargill's failure to make a full report on the Soviet money donated for the Welsh miners was "a remarkable breach of duty" and that he should repay the money back to the NUM. Scargill accepted Lightman's statement that many of his actions suffered from a lack of professional advice, which he was unwilling to be bound by.
Source Wikipedia, but there are many others.

I am not trying to paint the Tories whiter than white by any means, just pointing out to the resident left their beloved 'leaders' are just as ruddy bad.
15.30 , been here since 2013 , using the name TTT,
What name did you use before ?
The is the NEWS section Gulliver!
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Thanks for that ymg, I was unaware of that.

If you had carried on reading, you will have noted that Scargill paid back what was owed, and the prosecution against him fail. And that the editor of the Daily Mirror apologised for the false accusations.

// The editor of the Daily Mirror at the time, Roy Greenslade, wrote an article in The Guardian in May 2002 to apologise to Scargill for the false claims about paying off the mortgage and for putting too much trust in Roger Windsor, who at the time had still not repaid the £29,500 that he had taken from the Miners' Welfare Fund and that the Lightman Report had asked that he repay. //

16.44 Thanks for jogging my memory Gromit , skeletons in the cupboard eh!.

This is not a new ID, it is 10 years old.
// In September 1990, the Certification Officer brought criminal charges against Scargill and Heathfield for wilfully neglecting to perform the union's duty to keep proper accounting records. Scargill reached an agreement to repay money to the NUM shortly after this. The prosecution brought by the Certification Officer was rejected in July 1991 on the grounds that it would be inappropriate to use the material provided in confidence to Lightman's enquiry. //

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The Russians Are Coming. . .

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