True Sportsmanship

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Canary42 | 16:38 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | News
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Something of a rarity these days

Synopsis: Spanish runner cedes place to English guy who took a wrong turning.


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I'd like to believe that our lad would have done the same thing.
Well done to Diego Méntrida.

So the English guy took a wrong turning, tough luck pal.
To the Spanish guy, have you no competitive spirit? if you don't want to win, why enter?
I agree with Baldrick.
It all depends how each of us views sportsmanship.

//On Friday Méntrida was awarded honorary third place by the organisers and the same €300 (£274) prize money as Teagle, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

"This is something my parents and my club taught me since I was a child. In my view it should be a normal thing to do," Méntrida wrote on Instagram on Saturday where he thanked followers for applauding him.//
I completely disagree with Baldric.

The Spanish guy was completely honourable in doing what he did, knowing that 3rd wasn’t truly his.

For me this is what sport is always about - there’s no point taking a place or a point that was underserved.

I’m a Saracens season ticket holder, and on more than one occasion I’ve seen a try ‘scorer’ say to the ref he didn’t ground the ball.
In a race a few years ago I was coming off the top of a climb on a two lap hill race, misjudged the gradient, and went head over heels. It actually helped me, as I probably speeded up!
However the chap who finished ahead of me at the end gave me his prize as he’d seen me fall ahead of him and reckoned he’d not have beaten me otherwise.
And I couldn’t persuade him to take it back.
Great sportsmanship, well played Sr Méntrida.
During his schooldays and twenties my son was an outstanding runner and cricketer.
He once did something slightly similar to Diego and I'm more proud of his actions that day than any of the medals and cups he won.
Well done Diego...a true sportsman.
Tell the story Gness.

I love hearing examples of sportsmanship.

A true sportsman will always do what’s right.

I know people dislike Hamilton, but a few years ago he asked Mercedes to allow him to pass Bottas because he felt he had a greater opportunity to pass the fella Bottas was chasing; he was unsuccessful, so on the last corner he allowed Bottas to pass him back.

That is a sign of a true a sportsman.

Take Maradona in 86, he scored one of the greatest goals I’ve ever witnessed, but it will always be overshadowed by his blatant cheating.
//I know people dislike Hamilton, //

Some people
At the end of the 2018/19 season, the team everyone loves to hate, Leeds United, carried on playing against Aston Villa while Kodjia, a Villa player, lay prone after an head injury. Klich controversially scored to put Leeds ahead and a melee followed in which El Ghazi (Villa) was sent off. Then Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa ordered his players to allow Villa to equalise. The ball was rolled in and the match ended all square.
And of course Arsène Wenger memorably ordered a cup tie against Sheff Utd to be replayed after Arsenal scored from a throw-in when the Sheff Utd players were expecting to get the bell back after they’d kicked it out due to an injury to an Arsenal player.
There’d be no time for that now.
Apart from the fact that it was the right thing to do, his action has garnered substantial positive press attention, which may well bring him sponsorship £. He got joined third anyway. Win win.
Nice to see you, Meglet. Hope all is well with you and yours......x
He didn't take a wrong turning, he ran into a visible barrier probably through exhaustion. All part of the competition.

Thank-you Gness. The baby girl in my Avatar is now a very sassy nearly 7 year old!
Oh doesn't time fly by, Meglet!

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True Sportsmanship

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