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Bigbad | 12:55 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | News
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Considering that most TV journalists have spent the last few months asking ministers (stupid) questions designed to score points, why does nobody challenge them on things such as more people appear to be dying from flu than Corona, so why have we never taken such drastic measures for flu?

Or how many people will die/have their lives irrevocably damaged because of not being treated for existing or screened for new medical conditions?

And aside from all the people who have lost/will lose their jobs, which is terrible in itself, these people may now be entitled to Council Tax benefits, meaning a lot less revenue for local councils, and free prescriptions which presumably means less for the NHS?

Or that the reason for more cases being diagnosed, could be because of more tests being done, and does this necessarily mean that more people are contracting Corona?

Or how can masks be effective when so many people poke, prod and fiddle with theirs, and stuff it in a bag or pocket to be used again later.

It would make a pleasant change if someone asked a pertinent question


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Nailed it there 10C I suspect Journalists are not asking the questions many wnat answered is because it doesn't fit the narrative. Many 'journalistic' operations are thriving on the panic, they seem to love it. Good News doesnt sell so they keep on the bad.
09:47 Sun 20th Sep 2020
The covid virus is so small it will pass through any material known,
also all the dna from the covid tests are recorded on a data bank which most people are not aware of .
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This article looks like it was put on the BBC site after I started this thread.
Good news that an effort will be made to clear the backlog, but I wonder if the GP of the 28 year old with breast cancer who was originally told it might be an abscess or a cyst and was prescribed antibiotics, would have had the same attitude before Covid.
I wonder if the GP of the 28 year old with breast cancer who was originally told it might be an abscess or a cyst and was prescribed antibiotics, would have had the same attitude before Covid.

"Four out of 10 cancer patients initially misdiagnosed", said a report in 2018

So the answer is Yes.
FF at 5.31pm - are you seriously suggesting the country should totally lockdown again?

I’m assuming you didn’t mean that, because to totally lock down again would be absolutely batsiht crazy and something only somebody insane would suggest.

To totally lockdown again would kill us.

Politicians are elected by the public, and are accountable to the public.
Journalists are just doing their job, and are there to ask questions, not answer them.
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If 4 out of 10 cancer patients really are misdiagnosed initially, jno, then that is appalling. However, I’m not surprised. I’ve long since thought the main role of a GP these days is to try all the “cheaper” options first, even if it’s not the best thing for the patient.

Gromit2. That’s why I want the journalists to ask the politicians.
What's a facemask? Haven't got one. Never use one. Get on with it all you weedy wimps out there and stop cowering. Stop being sychophantic to "the science" of Bojo the Clown and Witless Whitty. All of this is the Grime Minister being power mad but lacking leadership. However, if you think a second full lockdown is warranted, then go for it. Continue ruining the economy and peoples' lives. I would suggest an absolute lockdown, not just a full one. The population all stay at home backed up by a State of Emergency and all that goes with it. No going out for anything. Nuffink. That should sort that nasty virus out, eh? Who or what does it think it is? Trying to infect us. We're gonna show it who's the boss! We'll stay at home. We won't go out. We'll keep apart. We'll all wear masks. We will be safe! We will will do nothing, virtually. That's the answer! You'll see, whilst your queueing up for your daily ration of soup. Apart from that, everything's fine thanks.
Nailed it there 10C

I suspect Journalists are not asking the questions many wnat answered is because it doesn't fit the narrative. Many 'journalistic' operations are thriving on the panic, they seem to love it. Good News doesnt sell so they keep on the bad.
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BA to YMB, because I suspect he’s right, and he went straight in there and answered my question.
He’s not right. In any way shape or form. Our society functions with the deaths from flu. Coronavirus has the potential to make society collapse. Do you see the difference?
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Coronavirus is making our society collapse with job losses and non treatment of other serious illnesses. We haven’t tried to see what happens if we treat it the same as flu.
Just for the record, although I think all the measures put in place are now looking pointless, I still comply, but like flu, Covid is here to stay. How long do we keep trying to suppress it?
Until the economy is so trashed there is nothing left in the public purse and the country is so in debt, the government can’t even borrow any more money?
Until the only jobs left are Covid related.
Until the only medical condition being treated is Covid?

Do you see the difference?
No, and I don’t think you do. Coronavirus still has the capacity to render tens of thousands of people ill or dead and swamp the NHS because of the potential exponential rise in cases. Flu doesn’t and never has. The comparison is null and void from the off.
Just wait until they start on the latest Brucellosis bacterial escape from the laboratory in China. The media will have a field day.
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And an even greater capacity to render people ill or dead through non treatment of other conditions.
Cancer patients (mostly) require medical intervention.
Corona patients (mostly) do not.
I would say 100% of cancer patients Require medical intervention.
Your OP (And subsequent postings) tries to make a comparison between flue and coronavirus. I’ve pointed out why they’re not comparable. You seem to be trying to move the goalposts rather than admitting that I’m probably right. I get it. You don’t want to lose face when it’s pointed out your OP doesn’t make sense so you try to bring in other factors. People on here do it all the time.
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My reason for comparison was because it seems that since the deaths peaked, more people are dying of flu than Corona.
I’m not moving the goalposts, and there is no face to save.
You’ve pointed out why they are not comparable. That’s your expert judgement is it? Considering the real “experts” don’t all agree, you’ll have to excuse me if I see it as an opinion rather than a fact. Rather like I expect people to see mine as an opinion.
Unfortunately, some people on here can’t cope if their opinions are different, and would rather get ratty about it.

This thread wasn’t supposed to be about what measures should we be taking, but about confronting politicians with the consequences of measures already implemented, could have.
YMB got it and answered (gave his opinion) straight away without the need to explain which measures he approved/doesn’t approve of.
There’s nothing to confront politicians with. Flu case numbers remain reasonably constant and (as I’ve already pointed out) do not affect the running / stability of society. Coronavirus is an unknown entity and has the potential to shut society down. You don’t need to be an expert to see that is why the world (not just our govt) is generally taking it very seriously.
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Has Corona stopped people being diagnosed with/treated for serious medical conditions?
Do face masks really work when most people (myself included) fiddle and prod at them the whole time they are on?
Has Corona caused job losses on masse?
Have those job losses meant less money being added to the public purse?

If we stopped all the measures that have been taken would things recover or get worse?

That’s 4 yes and 1 we don’t know.
Perhaps it’s time we tried to find out.
Those who feel vulnerable could still isolate if they chose to, but I’ve heard more elderly folk say they would rather die sooner, having seen their families on a regular basis, than die alone having not seen their family for ages.

Maybe it’s time to try and go back to normal for those that choose to do so. And if things get worse, have a rethink.

The country has gone down the pan. Do we really want it forever wedged in the U-bend?
It's surely not difficult to see that the statement "since CoronaVirus deaths stopped being sky-high, flu deaths outnumbered Covid deaths" is a textbook example of cherry-picking. The only way that would make sense is if you believed that Covid-19 deaths are not going to flare up again. Time alone will tell if that's true, but the sad fact is that the rise in cases is inevitably going to be followed by a (delayed, and hopefully not too severe) rise in deaths.

In terms of the original post, rather than spinning some conspiracy theory, part of the reason these questions aren't asked is because some of them already have answers:

1. As I've pointed out, the rise in cases is not attributable to a rise in tests, based on publicly-available data that you are free to check yourself. So there is no need to ask this question: more people are contracting the virus now than in July/August, although probably still fewer than March-May.

2. The efficacy of masks has been under debate (including on AB) since March, so it's not a novel question.

3. The comparison to flu has also been made for months, and remains invalid: Covid-19 spreads faster than flu, kills more of those it infects, and seems to have longer-lasting impacts among serious but non-fatal cases.

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