Has The Government Lost The Support Of The Public Over Restrictions Due To Covid?

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dave50 | 13:07 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | News
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Even though we all know the precautions we are supposed to take, millions have been going to pubs, restaurants, socialising and going on holiday and often with not much social distancing, we are not talking of a small minority here. If the government have to threaten everyone with fines and criminal records in order to force us to comply then its obvious they have lost the consent of the British people and bringing these draconian rules into disrepute. I think its now time that the vunarable self isolate and let everyone else get on with their lives.


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How can you blame the Government when it is us, the people, who are causing the problems!
Too many people are ignoring the warnings and not obeying the advice from the government, where I live there are lots of student accomodation and they go out in groups of 10s and 20s, completely ignoring the warnings, I feel that there should be another complete lockdown, it seems the only way.
I agree. Everyone is milling around down here with no distancing, and putting masks on just to go into shops. Not sure how that helps as they’ve been breathing all over each other anyway.
Peter, another lockdown would be disastrous.
no, they have not lost support of the people but more and more are simply ignoring the measures.
I don't think they have lost support of "the people" I think the people who were always inclined to tear the pants out of the guidance are still doing it. They had less chance when pubs and so on were shut
Don't make promises if you can't keep them, that's were if any they have lost support. World beating track and trace, just one of many, plus lies about PPE being delivered when it was not. Just tell the truth no matter what, bad or good news.
I'll have another episode of banging my head against the wall. Two things need to be accepted unconditionally:

1. Lockdowns reduce the spread slightly for the period they are in force. But they cannot be completely enforced and they cannot be imposed indefinitely. People will socialise and to tell them not to is like telling bears not to use the woods as public lavatories. As soon as the restrictions are lifted the spread resumes. This virus will continue to spread. It doesn't matter what edicts government ministers spew out, it will continue to spread.

2. The damage being inflicted on the country by the current restrictions is enormous. Businesses are not operating properly; tax revenues are at rock bottom; unemployment, where already tens of thousands of jobs have been lost, will soar enormously between now and Christmas as soon as the furlough scheme ends; many large sectors of the economy (particularly travel and hospitality) are threatened with extinction; the NHS is in a state of hibernation; deaths and suffering among non-Covid sufferers are increasing at a far greater rate than among Covid victims.

The government's so-called "cure" is now far worse than the disease and it seems to be glossed over that the vast majority of people who contract the virus will see little or nothing in the way of serious symptoms. Meanwhile almost all sufferers of cancer and cardiovascular problems (to name but two) will see serious symptoms and they are currently being neglected.

//I think its now time that the vunarable self isolate and let everyone else get on with their lives.//

You could not be more correct. The choice facing the government is simple: allow the country's economy, health and social fabric to be further destroyed, probably irretrievably in some respects in continued futile attempts to prevent the virus spreading or provide guidance to people on how to reduce the risks they run and allow them to choose what to do for themselves. I am well aware of the arguments against the latter: that those who may choose to socialise and get out and about are not necessarily those who will suffer serious symptoms. Well that's where personal choice comes in. At present the strategy is to keep everybody away from everybody else. That doesn't work and in any case it is not sustainable for the length of time necessary.

This government is at sixes and sevens. It told people to "Eat out to Help Out". So they did. Now they (particularly the younger ones) are being blamed for the current rise in infections because they socialised too much. I have some startling news for the government: it's what people do. Did they expect them to go out eating and drinking alone and not meet up with anybody else? They will not prevent them doing so and they need to develop a different strategy because if general support of the majority has not been lost yet, it very soon will be.
My personal favourite contradiction about the Eat Out to Help Out campaign was that it came at the same time that the Government was warning about the link between obesity and Covid-19 complications. It's legitimate to wonder how they didn't notice that these two points were diametrically opposed.
But has Matt Hancock would say, this is going to make a (huge )difference, I've lost count how many times he's used that word.
//It's legitimate to wonder how they didn't notice that these two points were diametrically opposed.//

I wondered that too, Jim. I also wondered why they were being encouraged to Pig Out to Help Out (which many certainly did) whilst also being offered vouchers to have their bikes mended so they could keep fit!
I don’t see any “draconian” rules esp compared to March.
Nor do I think that people are necessarily ignoring them. It’s legal to go to the pub as far as I am aware. And to go on holiday
Viruses spread.
Even though we all know the precautions we are told to take...

All this inconvenience just delays the inevitable and spreads things out. As long as the hospitals aren't overwhelmed the government ought not be dictating undesirable unnecessary restrictions.
It's clear that the Government is worried that Hospitals *will be* overwhelmed, in maybe three-four weeks or some such. Apparently hospital admissions are climbing back up again, so this isn't an unreasonable worry.
I'd have thought you might have welcomed that attempt to boost the economy through Eat out to Help Out, NJ. I ate out more often (outdoors, table service always socially distanced- very enjoyable). It had its risks in terms of encouraging obesity but I don't think it was a big risk) and it could have helped the spread if people didn't follow the social distancing and tracking process, but there were calls to get the economy going- especially from you
No, I don’t think the government has lost the support of the public. I think people have become frustrated with the restrictions and worried about the effect all this will have on the country - I’m one of them. However, realistically anyone with any sense should be able to see that the government is trying to boost the economy whilst being seen to be attempting to keep the population safe and healthy - and is in fact stuck very firmly between a rock and a hard place from which, for the foreseeable future, there appears to be no escape. They’re damned if they do - and damned if they don’t. Not an enviable position to be in.
I don't think the government need be that worried, it's not even thought to be as deadly as it was to start with anyway.

Even if you count those with later complications and sum them with the died figure.

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Has The Government Lost The Support Of The Public Over Restrictions Due To Covid?

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