Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg Dead

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Mozz71 | 04:16 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | News
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I bet there are some happy dances going on around Redublican HQ right now.


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Or Republican even.
Never heard of her before.Is she any relation of Alan Ginsburg?
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Nah, she's the American Chief Justice who's been refusing to give Donny an easy ride over the last few years.
Mmmm,quite,Mozz.Some on this site would say that Trump is always on the lookout for an easy ride.
Disaster, but her legacy and her actions were far more complex than her interaction with Trump. It's clear, for example, in her friendship with Scalia (her political and judicial polar opposite) that RBG was never one to allow politics to get in the way of humanity. She would have been upset far more, I am sure, by the hideously partisan state of US politics, than by any particular person within it. Her dying wish to not have a replacement until after the election reflects that stance: whoever wins the election has earned the democratic right to choose a replacement, and perhaps, however slim it may be, a chance to return to some semblance of cooperation and compromise.

Au contraire. Republicans seem full of respect.
The left are calling her names for daring to die before the election.
Because, unlike Jim, they know it means another non-lefty Judge in the Supreme Court.
I know full well what RBG's death could mean for the Supreme Court. I'd also suggest that "the left" is far too sweeping a statement, especially when it's not difficult to find equally disgusting statements about her death from "the right".
//Never heard of her before.Is she any relation of Alan Ginsburg?//
yeah - his muvva - clever of you to notice
jolly lot - kept everyone laughing
known as the Ginns
as in - "The Ginns are Tonics!"

sad she gone I am

The Beeb ignorant as usual called the successor whomever Trump appoints - "elected". They wont be - Trump appoints. And he wished to do us in the last weeks of his term . The judge will be there for ten or twenty years.
"How we know dat" - they dont retire
we shoot ours at 75
which is Lucky because Lord Sumption (*)( 'brayne the size of Jupiter' ) has just 'come out' as an anti-vaxxer. His owd tutor from Oxford ( cambridge men wdnt be so dim) has written a letter to the Times saying that his advice was always to stick to the law.

Gorsuch (his previous conservative Trump nominee) has already come out with imcomprehensible retrenchant opinions - [who Gorsuch den?] - like: "it has always been the case ....." when it hasnt.

God Help America

(*) oh do they have lords in the land of the Free ? no - he is one of ours. Lucky us
@13.14.No,i have no idea what you are rambling on about,Peter.Perhaps others on here can enlighten me?
Some people taking the news worse than others.

hi ynni
to explain - some complete jerk linked Allan Ginsberg and Ruth Bader Ginsberg - because it was funny to ham things up as er pig ignorant.

I hammed it up a bit more and said - yes they are !

But both you and I know - - they arent really related
bu in true AB fashion, it is funnier to say they are !

english humour - sozza

oh Lord Sumption is an ex Law Lord of England who is NOT dead as ex-Justices in the US are.
He came out as one of those jesus-ignorant antivaxxers. There are a few on AB - completely insane.
His old tutor in Law has a letter in the times saying the good Lord (sumption that is!) should stick to law

Gorsuch is another Trump appointee - and law commentators have started ridiculing his judgments implying that Trump appointed ( not elected remember !) a dunderhead.

and US supreme court judges are appointed and not elected - Beeb keep on getting it wrong - so I will allow that one
@18.50.What the hell are you on about Peter?I asked if Alan Ginsburg(the American philanthropist) was related to the late supreme court judge,to which the answer was no.Now you are going off on a rant about someone called Allan Ginsberg,who i have never heard of before,i have heard of an Allen Ginsberg. This ladies name was Ginsburg,not Ginsberg.
"to which the answer was no"...corrected to "to which was answered as nah"..not like Mozz being flippant.
Question Author
//.not like Mozz being flippant.//

Wait what? When was I being flippant? (I'm prone to flippancy I grant you, but not in this instance)

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg Dead

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