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Is there a viable alternative? I doubt KS would change the direction much in terms of Covid.
There can’t be surely, but I thought that about D Trump and he’s still hanging on somehow.
Johnson is useless, but on we plod. :(
Well i was definitely a BoJo fan this afternoon. Put £1.50 each way on Bringitonboris in the 4.55 Ayr. Trainer likes to get a winner or two at this track. Won @ 20/1 :-))
Oh, well that’s something good, Ken.
Only 4 more years of the Tories to go Gulliver , before you get another chance to vote (assuming you get a postal vote on your fantasy island). Even if Boris moves on he will be replaced, maybe by Rishi, Dominic or some up and coming Tory who will freshen the government up.
Times leader today
( just said he was crap)

horses for courses - his famed lack of attention to detail ( oo er and That Treaty) and frizzy hair style are all right for some things but not a covid epidemic

I thought MacMillan was worse 1960-1962 - but I was only fwee at the time and so cd have been influenced by my parents

and why hasnt someone said - he is the best prime minister we have !
Question Author
FF - why is your comment apparently addressed to Gulliver who hasn't appeared on this thread yet?
Ha. Sorry, it is easy to confuse the two of you- it's common for a thread from one to attract the other. But I apologise- the lack of Random inappropriate capital Letters in the post Should have made it clear to Me it Wasn't gulliver
22.55 Diddly, You will have to forgive , Fiction Factory. He has just attended a Crash Course at the Tory School of Radicalisation , that is why he is Confused . His Specs are steamed up with Tory Tunnel Vision . Give him time to recover,.Ok. PMSL .
I've actually voted for Labour and Liberals/SDP more than for than for the Tories gulliver, but it seems Everyone who doesn't Agree with you is a Radicalised tory to you.
gulliver- regarding your repeated PMSL problems, you may find this link useful
Yes, me. When I read a headline like this here it's never difficult to discern that it can only have come from one of very few authors - none of them thinking people. Diddly, you wouldn't recognise thinking if it jumped up and hit you on the head.
I like to think of myself as a realist, not easily fooled, and given the enormity of the tasks facing Britain, I'm glad Boris is in charge and cannot think of a better alternative.
Some of his ministers need a course in truth and presentation, but the Boris / Dominic think tank will be our best bet.
I think Boris is alright. It's Cummings that I don't like, and let's face it that's who's running the country for the next few years.
If you Labour and Momentum idiots hadnt elected an old(terrorist supporting, incompetent)scarecrow and Steptoe lookalike as your leader,then the result of the last election might have went the way of the Labour Party.Yet you stuck with the terrorists friend and where did it get you.You have four more years to ruminate on your errors.
Might have what?
i am , cant see who should replace him at any rate
Well you are easily pleased Emmie.Personally i would prefer someone competent to be the Prime Minister of this country.(i.e.not this bunch of charlatans and poltroons).
A typical piece of Guardian muck and the sheep all baaa agreement. So what’s new? Nothing. Still not a sensible thought to be had. We are living in unprecedented times. This government and this Prime Minister are dealing with situations that no other government or Prime Minister before them has been presented with. Napoleon is reputed to have said that Britain is a nation of ‘shopkeepers’. Lily-livered whingers would have been a more suitable description.

Be careful what you wish for - that’s all.
“ Diddly, you wouldn't recognise thinking if it jumped up and hit you on the head“

Is there any call for this sort of thing?
As Peter pointed out the Times leader yesterday (hardly a series of left wing tracts) was very scathing of the PM.
Plainly the alternative for now were there to be one would be different Conservative at the helm

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