Holocaust? What Holocaust?

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allenlondon | 05:27 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | News
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Almost unbelievable how many US teenagers think the holocaust was a myth.


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@18.47.Still spitting feathers,Tora.Hopefully the Editor will be contacting me tomorrow.We will see.
17:58 Thu 17th Sep 2020
Give them time - in a few years they won’t believe 9/11 happened either !!
Eisenhower was right wasn't he when he said some people in the future won't believe all of this happened? Does that mean they don't believe the Armenian massacre happened either? Over 1 million Armenians murdered by the Turks in WW1. Not to mention the millions of Russians murdered by the Einsatzgruppen in WW2, outwith the Holocaust. Maybe none of it happened, eh?
They should learn!
Descartes - "cogito ergo sum" as in such history is a figment of their imagination....
i wonder if many of our teens know any different.....
even some of the older Germans don't believe I discovered when a WAG in Germany in some parts I was warned not to mention the war !..and to speak German at all times !
if your favorite youtuber tells you something that contradicts what you see in mainstream news or current affairs, who do you believe? - particularly when the same youtuber tells you mainstream news just pumps out government propaganda...

and some youtubers and social influencers have said some very off colour things - one of whom (maybe the biggest) lost a lucrative deal with a major studio because of his anti semitic views.
Were too busy organising black history.
They obviously haven't seen footage of the death camps and piles of emaciated bodies. But then they'll probably claim it's 'fake news'.
How many US teenagers think the holocaust was a myth?
// Does that mean they don't believe the Armenian massacre happened either?//
hi isnt this is a different category - that they didnt know it occurred but say oh really when they learn it had?

in my childhood home - someone asked me how come we all know that the British allies sent back surrendered cossacks to Stalin and no one else in England does(*)?
and I said we had a lot of DPs in the forties and fifties and they all talked about it- as in why THEY were nt dead.

cant find the thread - perhaps airbrushed out by MI5 - where a thousand ABers chorus happily - "what Yalta ven?" and famously "is vat Malta only spelt wivva 'Y'?"

There is a weak thread of sites on internet
that maintain the Arena bomb didnt occur
I'd like to know more about the survey and the questions asked. I note that the % quoted is not just those who think its a myth but includes those who think it was exaggerated and those who simply didnt know.

Americans tend to be very USA focused, most dont have a passport, why would they they can do pretty much everything from ski to hot sunshine within their own country.

Also needs to be remembered that the USA was more focused on Japan, you might get a better understanding of how American youngsters view history if you asked questions on that.

I wonder how many Europeans of a similar age could quote the atrocities committed by the Japanese?
// But then they'll probably claim it's 'fake news'.//
yeah false flag attacks ( occurred by done by someone else)

there is a distressing one where the 'thinker' looks at an arena photo and says they are all pretending. It is taken from where the bomber stood and there are his blood and guts in the foreground which is ignored.
//I wonder how many Europeans of a similar age could quote the atrocities committed by the Japanese?//

yeah when I was in hozzie the Filipina nurses gaped in wonder as I enumerated how badly the Manila citizens were treated by their er liberators 1942-5 - must have been an anniverary. Clearly I was white and they were swqrthy
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Royfrom: read the article.
Ymb may be making a good point.
My first thought when I grad this was: what were the actual questions.
I agree tho that it doesn’t exactly make the case against education about what happened.
Royfrom: read the article.

//Data was collected from 1,000 interviews nationwide and 200 interviews in each state with young adults aged 18 to 39 selected at random.//

I'll ask again...
Does the article even mention 'teenagers'?
Those that do not remember history, are condemned to repeat it.

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