Holocaust? What Holocaust?

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allenlondon | 05:27 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | News
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Almost unbelievable how many US teenagers think the holocaust was a myth.


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@18.47.Still spitting feathers,Tora.Hopefully the Editor will be contacting me tomorrow.We will see.
17:58 Thu 17th Sep 2020
Should I ask again?
@16.05.Duly reported.Are there no moderators on this site today?
I don’t think Stalin’s anti-semitism can be compared to Hitler’s, wicked as the fabrication of the so-called doctors plot was.
Of course anti-semitism was rife in Russia and the Soviet Union as it was in many countries.
Fascinatingly, Stalin’s police chief Beria is seen by many serious antisemites as a leading figure in the “Jewish conspiracy” despite the fact he was Mingrelian ...
//sad but true Mozz, do you deny the labour party is home to a lot of anti semites?//

I don't deny that there is a anti-Semitic element within the Labour party, but this thread is dealing with an important subject in the crimes of the past being forgotten. It's the wrong place for your political point scoring, but as usual, you can't help yourself.
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ynnafymmi, the ordinary mods don't see reports (although the extraordinary ones might - I don't know) - but the editorial team may have packed up for the day. Check it tomorrow.
16:05, the nasty left rears its head once more.
A wee bit angry,Naomi.A perfectly innocent posting,yet this so called AlanLondon thinks it is okay to post a vile,venal post about me.Surely this deserves a suspension at least.No eds,no moderators.Crazy.Hello ed or spare-ed.
ynnafymmi, not just you. There's no accounting for folk. ;o)
From the report, the shocking figure of 11% think the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust has really jumped out at me. Where? How? could this idea have sprung from. There is even more danger in spreading this than simple ignorance..

Naomi mentioned the reality of seeing the camps. Mr. J2 did Nat. Service in Germany in the early '50s and went to Buchenwald before it was neatly tidied up to be fit for future tourism. He has never forgotten it and, when I can get him to talk about it, gives graphic details. This must never, never be forgotten.
yes the Bile at 16:05 was nasty and unwarranted.
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I think the EDs/mods will act when they see it, so hang tight.
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Question Author
I think you’re confusing the word ‘troll’ with ‘opposition’.

They ain’t the same. A troll just disrupts internet forums, whereas I don’t take crap from anybody.
It's gone now ynna.
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I've read ynnafymmi's post at 14.37 and didn't see anything malicious in it, Allen.
Too little,too late,LB.Very angry.
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