What Is Happenning? Part 2

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ToraToraTora | 09:01 Wed 16th Sep 2020 | News
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Throw acid in someone's face? get a "life" sentence?? get moved to Butlins! When are we going to start punishing criminal lowlife scum in this country?


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I can honestly say I'm happy being in my later years , the world has changed drastically since my teens, yes there was crime but there was also fear of authority which is sadly lacking now
Metropolitan liberals rule me old china, they may not be in Government but they have infiltrated every area where influence can be made so effectively ruling how they want.

Question Author what's their end game? Anarchy?
Don't blame the victim for feeling 'let down'. Some crimes are unforgivable and acid attacks are near if not the very top of the list, IMO. I'd be amazed if anyone disagreed with you on this one, ttt.
They are Globalists TTT, suppress the masses and you get full control is the end game.

Easiest way to suppress the masses is to divide and conquer.
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the bloke drove 300 miles and threw acid over a stranger because he thought a member of his family had been assaulted?? How can someone carry that much hatred and bile for that long? We all get angry but if that was me I'd have calmed down and thought better of it after a couple of miles. The guy should be in a loony bin for life, an obvious danger to the public.
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but YMB, how do you get full control if the world is full of criminal scam that you have no control over? Most of these TROB t1tfers would become victims themselves pretty quickly.
It's amazing how sentences vary. A man who threw acid about in a night club a couple of years ago where nobody was hurt anywhere near as badly as this poor man, got 21 years. Why DO sentences vary so much? He was the boyfriend of reality 'star' Fearne McCann.

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What Is Happenning? Part 2

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