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Theblip | 15:51 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | News
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Who, out of this lot, do you think deserves a pay rise? Seeing as they are all already wealthy, and this nation is in financial straits due to the pandemic, don’t you think this highly insensitive and unnecessary?


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Were I to be in charge then I'd have all the relevant figures to make my decision, if I chose from a list on a personal choice basis it would count for nothing.
Zoe Ball made some documentaries last year, things like "Back in Time for the Corner Shop". Has the payment for these been included in the quoted salary? I suspect it has, as a large pay rise for losing listeners sounds unlikely.
Apologies - I've just realised it's not Zoe Ball that does the documentaries, it's Sara Cox.
Zoe Ball is dreadful, all her breathy, gushing presentation horrible tolisten to (when I do).
Is anyone worth being paid more than a half million pounds a year by the BBC.

I have to laugh when I hear that a so called celebrity has taken a big cut in their BBC wage, only to discover that they are then also being employed by another company that is producing programmes which are being 'bought-in' by the BBC. Examples are Question time with Fiona Bruce and for retired personnel there is Mastermind with John Humphrys and University Challenge with Jeremy Paxman.


There are certain areas where the BBC is distinctive, news, drama, current affairs. However there are are many areas where there are alternatives, some superior, sport, popular music. Do we need Radios 1, 2 and 5?
Chicken Feed, to what Ant and Dec earn,on the other side
Ant and Dec are not paid out of taxation Gulliver. A mjor difference.

Time to abolish the licence fee.
Read my post ymb , did I mention the BBC ?.
Nobody in a state run enterprise should e paid that much
A 90% pay cut would still be generous.
They don't live in the real world.
We are in trouble if we refuse to contribute to these insane salaries.
Well the thread is about BBC pay rises, gulliver, so I'm not sure why you mentioned Ant & Dec and compared their high salaries to BBC salaries
I am sure I read somwhere that Ant and Dec , are paid Two and a half Million for just comparing a show.
Yes Gulliver. Oh dear.
The disparity of wealth is extenuated by these ridiculous salaries. Though who would turn down such largesse?
Are any of them worth the money they are already getting? imho : no.

Taking into consideration the financial mess we are in and the not exactly basic wages that they already receive. To say older people should pay for the licence and also taking into consideration all the people now made redundant perhaps they would like to make donations and pay it for everyone.

What do the rest of you think?
At a time when my friends in Northern Ireland have to start paying their TV licence again, I notice Stephen Nolan, A BBC presenter in N I has received a £65,000 pay rise. Gary Lineker has agreed to a £400,000 pay cut, which suggests he was being paid too much previously in spite of BBC denials that this wasn't true. How many TV licences would just those two figures pay?
in the light of the elderly the over 75's being asked to stump up the fee for the licence, i think its very wrong they get these massive pay rises
Comparing a show to what, Gully?
//Mr Davie said he would expect 'people to come to the BBC at a significant discount to what they'd get in the open market//

People would come to the BBC for s lot less

Getting rid of some of these so called personalities and let see how quickly they get snapped up by other organisations .
I suspect they will be between jobs of this nature for a long time .
It's not as if there are vacancies waiting to be filled out there

At the end of the day ,my gripe is that I am forced to pay a tax to the BBC in order for me to watch other channels

Give me the choice and let me chose

Got rid of this tax and let the BBC go subscription
The BBC complain how short of money they are and can no longer give over 75s a free licence. Then they go and give the so called celebrities such big pay rises. Why not tell them they can either work for half the money and if not give the jobs to up and coming stars who are willing to work for much less. This would give the youngsters a leg up in the business. If the so called big names are that good at their jobs they should have no problem getting another job. The BBC shouldn't be wasting tax payers money like this and plead poverty at the same time.

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