Is Priti Patel Completely Insane?

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diddlydo | 14:52 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | News
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If I'm talking to my neighbours with their grandchildren and parents (group of 6) with me standing in the road behind their closed front gate and we're far more than 2 metres apart, does that equate to her "mingling"? If so, she's not fit to be in office.


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She was a classic example of the elevation of mediocrity.
Why do you think that it equates to 'mingling'?

You mean "minglin'". She never sounds "g" in "ing" words.
'Mingling is coming together' she said - speaking from over 2 metres apart is not mingling.

You have misunderstood.
Dr; that's naughty! Funny, but naughty. Not her fault and doesn't affect her ability to do her job. It's something else that does that.

“Absolutely mingling”
It’s probably not fair quoting her. Out of clemency
No Patel is not insane, just not fit for purpose.

I had high hopes for law and order under her but all we get is rhetoric unless it is bully people that are not criminals.

Johnson, Williamson,Hancock and Patel all need to go. Useless the lot of them and very dissappointing.
You have misunderstood again diddlydo but to be fair there's a lot of it about- we have seen quite a few misunderstandings, non sequiturs and false parallels being drawn.

Priti needs to up her game though.
ff, all the confusion is the fault of the cabinet (or some of them). Never has there been so much confusion and misunderstanding as long as I can remember.

Covid is not a special circumstance, or at least no greater then things we have had before. There is no leadership in this Government, far from emulating his hero Churchill Johnson is looking more and more like Warden Hodges.
All 4 should go, Ymb? What would that achieve? Who did you vote for and which party would you vote for now? Who could do it differently and better?
Covid is not special circumstances? Oh dear. Go on, tell me it's just a bit of flu? Sad really that some dont get it.
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Hi DD, are you related to Gulliver?
//All 4 should go, Ymb? //

Yes, that is what I wrote.

//What would that achieve? //

Well usually one wants people to leave a cabinet post so things improve. I dont think any of them are performing to standard so I would hope it would achieve a better Government will less confusion and clear, concise goals. With no knee jerk reactions.

//Who did you vote for and which party would you vote for now? //

I voted Tory, as I have always done for over 40 years. Apart from once because I could not bring myself to vote for John Major as he nearly broke my family up (I also had inside info on him too due to connections at the time - horrid little man).

Who could do it differently and better?

For the top job I would go for Raab. I quite like Rishi but perhaps a bit too quick for him and I want him in charge of the economy as he has done a sterling job especially as he was thrown into the position and then into the Covid debarcle.

For the others I dont have much of a preference although I'd like to see JRM in the cabinet.

I made the mistake of looking up diddlydo and was directed to the urban dictionary. I can't get that out of my mind when I see the posts.
I did finally agree with diddly on one topic recently - exam grades / teacher predictions.
"Covid is not special circumstances? Oh dear. Go on, tell me it's just a bit of flu? Sad really that some dont get it."

And some deliberately take part of a sentence out of context to make an invalid point!

I get it perfectly thank you and I dont need your condescending snide remarks to tell me otehrwise.
Thanks for answering, ymb. Raab is a steady guy but I doubt it would change the direction- in fact he may be more cautious about lifting restrictions.
Possibly, but it is not so much the restrictions I object to (although I do disagree with some) it is the way they are presented.

Totally confusing and dont seem to have had the proper thought put into them. Communication is always key, particularly clear and concise (with no waffling) with clear pointers as to why the decision has been made and who gave the advise to make the decision.
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According to the BBC article she said that a family of 4 stopping to chat to another family of 4 in the street was "mingling" - to my mind, as long as they are socially-distanced, that does not constitute "mingling".
// to my mind, as long as they are socially-distanced, that does not constitute "mingling".//

the term wasn't defined in the regulations. so to determine what it really means will require it to be tested in court. that's unlikely to happen because a fine under these regulations cannot be appealed, the only recourse is to refuse to pay, and likely end up with a criminal record and an even bigger fine (so few would dare).

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