$3M For Working Out What Happens When A Cup To Tea Is Stirred.....

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ToraToraTora | 11:43 Mon 14th Sep 2020 | News
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Nice work if you can get it! Now I imagine it's incredibly complex and no doubt will have far reaching applications! Well done prof!


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interesting he says: ""Maths is truth. Once you discover something in maths, it applies to all eternity." - we have a few times debated on here whether maths is discovered or invented, from this statement it would appear that the Prof is on the discovered side.
i'm going to ask for my doris's stochastic analysis when we have our early morning cuppa tomorrow

as a mensa member there isnt a law that makes you 'foo' all and everything

it starts off with
..... and gets worse
if it stochastic it means cutting it down into little time-y bits

as for discovered or invented - most maff are platonic, around 90%
" hello I am a little equation and I am waiting to be discovered"

as opposed to Brouwer's idea that it was a system of symbol manipulation

has been depressingly discussed before

where a flood ( confusing whirlpool ) of one liners held sway - the usual - "who all day den?" in their thousands
I feel sure understanding fluid dynamics will prove very useful. Cups, tea, and spoons not withstanding.
The cup of tea bit wasn't the purpose of the research - it was a low-brow example of what the results of the research can be used to describe, made up by Sky in order to make the story more accessible to/wind up their audience.

Depressingly a lot of science reporting is dumbed down like this to the detriment of the researchers, the research and ultimately the public who come away with skewed or incorrect views about science.
A little light reading for everyone ;-)

(Ruddy 'eck! Did I really spend four years of my life studying that sort of stuff?)
it isnt the research which is worthless - sozza - AB mode- worfless
but the gormless comment above
I was SO incensed by SOMEONE's moronic mensa comment
that I - - - emailed the lucky winner and said well done
is his reply



Prof. Martin Hairer
Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London

so some good has come out of it

when something starts off with the ( dam - wivda ) Navier Stokes Eqns, ( as a fixed point, ter daah )you know it is gonna be bad
Hey Chris
you remember the girl prodigy Ruth Lawrence - ended up marrying someone who looked like her father ? lectures now in Jerusalem on adv maff in ancient Hebrew of course
Here Ph D was in sensible solutions to the Navier Stokes Eqn

just saying

I think I'll have a cup of tea.

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$3M For Working Out What Happens When A Cup To Tea Is Stirred.....

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