Returning From France And Quarantining

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Deskdiary | 18:34 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | News
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Reports in some papers of people missing the 4am deadline by a couple of hours.

There’s one person in a couple who made the deadline, but for some reason the other didn’t, so one has to quarantine and one doesn’t.

There’s also a report of a woman missing the deadline because her TGV was delayed resulting in her missing her Eurostar train.

If you missed the deadline by such a small margin, would you quarantine?


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There is a case I feel for making such announcements take immediate effect. If a problem is identified why should we wait before imposing restrictions?
For the working population and based on my own employers, these are the choices for the 14 days:
Work from home (as you may have been doing for weeks anyway)
Take paid leave (if you have enough left)
Take unpaid leave (if you can afford it)
Continue with furloughed payments (if you've been getting them)
//Do they have to pay anyone in quarantine?//

It probably depends on who you work for. If I could quarantine for two weeks and still be paid I'd see that as an extra 2 weeks holiday rather than any sort of problem.

On the other hand, if I was self employed and needed to work, I'd be working as soon as I got back. Quarantine orders would be ignored. That's my point.
How can they really enforce this , it almost immpossible.
I wouldn’t anyway
Question Author
I'm off to Majorca in a couple of weeks with some friends for 4 nights; Majorca's Covid rate is significantly less than where I live, and where I live it's very bloody low anyway.

A 14 day quarantine is OK for me because I'm working from home, but will it stop me popping up to the pub or going to Sainsbury's?

No chance.

I have every intention of ignoring it.
Is track and trace in your neck of the woods dd?
Question Author
Go for it DD - the whole Boris mindset is b***** ridiculous.
ff, they'd been watching infection rates in France for several days before deciding they were high enough to call everyone home. There's always going to be some cut-off point, and if the maths say it will be in two days, then better announce it now, to take effect in two days, and give people a chance to make use of it, rather than wait two days and impose it immediately.
So dd do you think you're either above the law or T+T is useless?
eg whats stopping you leaving a false name+ number? Who is going to check?
You should be alright in Majorca,deskdiary. If the latest covid reports are true you will probably have the place to yourselves.
How can they enforce quarantine? Simple - send someone round to the address they gave; if they're not in it's £1000 for the treasury.
As I am sure most people on here know by now I dont buy into the Government propoganda. Boris has lost the plot and HandCock is a dictator along with Witless.

However I struggle to understand why these people are complaining. It was made very clear from the very start things could change and now they have (wrongly IMHO) people are surprised. Sorry but how thick can people be?

This whole sorry saga is just an exercice in seeing how much they can control the public. Lockdowns, face nappies and quarantines for what ? Look at the underlying figures it all is nonsense and I am an 'at risk' person for all the young people I doubt any will vote Tory ever.

Thanks Boris you blithering idiot. You are not a proper Tory leave office now and make room for someone who is. And take HandCock, Williamson and useless Patel with you.
Tory voters should read former DT editor Max Hastings in The Times today.
Devastating stuff.
Why, we can see how useless Boris is without help.
OH has just cancelled his second holiday to France. He was going in May and September. Not a happy bunny. But I did tell him if he went and had to quarantine he was not coming home. He would have to find somewhere else!
//A 14 day quarantine is OK for me because I'm working from home, but will it stop me popping up to the pub or going to Sainsbury's?

No chance.

I have every intention of ignoring it.//

Similarly I have a holiday booked in mid -October, dd. I shall be doing the same. I'm fed up with hearing of nonsensical knee-jerk regulations from an inept government.
At my work even if you can wfh you are not allowed to if you have to quarantine you either have to take 14 days leave or unpaid

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Returning From France And Quarantining

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