So Has The Lock Down Been Worth The Pain?

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dave50 | 20:49 Wed 12th Aug 2020 | News
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The news today stated that the economy shrank by over 20% and we could be heading for 3 million unemployed or more with all the misery and despair which it will create. Has it been worth it really, the human obsession with having to save every single life at all costs and that we must keep everyone alive as long as possible no matter how old, ill or frail they might again at all costs. Ironically the human cost of all this in years to come will be terrible in terms of the misery, joblessness, poverty, homelessness and possible social unrest. No doubt I myself will be accused of being inhumane for questioning the wisdom of the life above everything else attitude. As Mr Spock used to say on star trek, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few", bet he wouldn't be allowed to say it now, but that's another story.


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I'm already unemployed now because of it.
I don`t think so. And the pain hasn`t even started yet.
And the pain hasn`t even started yet.

Only the tip of the iceberg yet, 237SJ.
the point of Mr Spock is that he wasn't human. They may well handle pandemics differently on Planet Vulcan.
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No, it absolutely has not.

It started with mild hysteria and leaders with no clue what to do going straight to worst case scenario, ending in the destruction of norms built up over generations and misery for millions.
No. Exactly as OG said.
No it has not and has now ended up with the tail wagging the dog as to what to do next. Unfortunately it just needs one ABer to relate who they've lost to Covid and those who put the economy and livelihoods first are made to feel guilty. Wait till furlough stops, it can only get worse.
nope, the "cure" is/will be worse than the disease.
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Is the life of an old lady in a care home who is frail and has alziemers as important to save as the economic future of a young couple with a child and mortgage?
Uncomfortable questions but they need to be asked. I have the luxury of being retired with pensions paid from the public purse. Many others will not have such a safety net. Let's hope the money we will no longer have to give to the EU will help to ease the strain.
most of the OAP deaths are with Covid not of it. The Quacks are having a field day. It seems Covid is being blamed for a lot of deaths. Did we commit ari kari in 1968 with HKF?
No - and i.m.o. it never was. Poverty, a horribly diminished NHS (bad enough to begin with) and stress are going to cause far more deaths in the long run and unnecessary hardship to all.

I was adamant that in June all needed to be back at school/work. Because of that my younger daughter no longer speaks to me. I was right, however. There was a case for a few weeks' break to assess the situation - 2 wks. before Easter hols.(also 2 wks.) then a couple of weeks to gear up again.

This nannying protection of us all is horrible - we are writing to our council about it (have had another inane letter about being safe - once you are born you are at risk). Give us the facts, let us know who is vulnerable - we knew that by June - and let the vulnerable look after themselves with additional help. Me, I'm still here, but eyesight deteriorating because of hosp. appts. being cancelled. I'd rather have my sight and make my own decisions, thanks.
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// Mr Spock wasn't human. They may well handle pandemics differently on Planet Vulcan.//

damn I was gonna make the cogent point that Vulcans cant get a human virus

covid jumps species but not space .....
Spock was half human.
I’ve no idea if that’s relevant :-)

“No” in answer to the question.
Here we go again, same questions, same answers. :0) What's the weather like? its raining teacake44, ok thanks.
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// same questions, same answers.//
not quite
we havent had the phenomenally long disquisitions ( more than one! more than ten!)by the loquacious and persuasive Andy
damn it - damni it all
I’ve no idea if that’s relevant :-) ( spock half human)
short answer is yes

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So Has The Lock Down Been Worth The Pain?

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