Marks And Spencer Apologize For Calling One Of Their Bra's "Tobacco"?

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ouibonjour | 08:45 Wed 12th Aug 2020 | News
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other choices in the range are cinnamon ad fudge? How is that racism? Does anyone else thing complaint is particularly petty?


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I am taking my red boxers back and will complain to the manager. I am not a communist....oh and my orange ones. I am not a religious fanatic either.
Bednobs - tobacco plants are green. Just saying.
things just getting really stupid ,i might complain about their white bras
If the brought out a set of bras coloured red and black, they could always call it their 'Smokers Lungs' collection.
Nothing to do with racism?
More to do with giving something one of those silly colour names which is associated with a mass killer.
It did seem a bit odd.
Rather like the BMS bringing out a new type of stethoscope and calling it the 'Shipman Special', ich:-/
Poor old Fran Cotton. Bye bye Cotton Traders. :-(
Lol Ken.
When you think where a bra is worn too ..
I can see why there is a negative connotation with 'tobacco', but for the life of me, I can't see where the is any racial inference in the naming of the shade of brown - that seems like someone has thought long and hard about how to turn something that is not racially connected, and forged a link to make a fuss about it.

That is attention-seeking to an alarming degree!
//…and I do get why people would not want to assocoate their skin tone with a toxic and unpleasant habit.//

Yes I get that. What I don’t get is this:

“Revealing that it felt 'particularly raw' as she noticed the description just two weeks after George Floyd's death, Ms Kimani told Mirror Online: 'Why not call it cocoa, caramel or chocolate - sweet dessert items? But they used tobacco. I was shocked when I saw it.”

I don’t know what the death of a black man in the USA has to do with a company naming the colour of one of its products after a plant.

"It's hurtful to me and my friends. If a young girl who is already uncomfortable with the colour of her skin (sees it) she will be feeling even more alienated."

The woman is a pillock. But more disturbing is the fact that a major UK company reacts immediately to just one complaint – from a pillock.
May be they'll change it to liquorice root. :0))))))
I have never ever seen anyone of any race have their skin colour described as tobacco. I have seen it as coffee though (coffee coloured people by the score...). I think that should be a banned colour descriptor too as it's racist.
Jim - "It's nothing to do with racism.....that's just a topical media spin."


How do you expain Ms Kimani stating...

"This is an example of how bias is ingrained into society and only helps fuel racism, be it overt or covert, however in this instance this is a form of covert racism."

As NJ says - the woman is a pillock.
reading the statements by m and s they didn't apolosise for the name of the bra - they apologised for not responding to her complaint sooner. When I mentioned the 3 pictures of her, I was referring to the mirror article
Haven't chocolate, caramel and fudge got negative connotations these days with their possible link to obesity?
It was JTH who said it was nothing to do with fascism.
tobacco = brown, apparently you can't say brown, so snooker commmentary has been suspended
Yes, apologies - I should have said JTH.
I agree that it's an unfortunate choice to name a colour and rather old fashioned too, simply from the negative connotations around smoking.
What I find worrying is the right-on ABers, some who should know better claiming it has nothing to do with racism when there is a direct quote from this lady.

Clearly the lady has issues, rather than renaming a product or apologising doctors should be sent round to such people to help them as it really cant be doing them much good thinking like that.

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Marks And Spencer Apologize For Calling One Of Their Bra's "Tobacco"?

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