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Hymie | 11:59 Sun 09th Aug 2020 | News
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Three interesting facts in the current issue:-

If you are under the age of 35 you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than from the corona virus.

There are currently 118 countries the Foreign Office now advises against ‘all but essential travel’ to because of ‘unacceptably high risk’ from Covid-19.

There are only 2 countries with a higher number of deaths from Covid-19 than the UK.

Now the advert:
Buy your own copy if you want to find out what corruption the good/great and our government are up to years before the stories break in the national press/media.


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MD has written more sense in Private Eye about Covid than in all the other media put together. Why he hasn't been interviewed on TV about this is beyond me.
Under 35s might not die but they could infect their parents, grandparents, older people they work with or come in to contact with in their day to day lives such as shopping.
But I thought the muzzles sorted the shops out !!
And have you done your own checks on those statistics, Hymie?
Question Author
Ah – fake news

The bi-weekly mag is full of details of the good/great and our government up to no good.

They manage to fill the mag every two weeks, and the stories keep coming.
I suppose a person is predisposed to believe an organ if it preaches what you’d like to be the truth.

I’m fairly sure you are more likely to die in a road accident under the age of 35 then if the virus. Whatever you wish to take from that.
Even if you actually have the virus
I used to regularly buy Private Eye. Not anymore. It’s gone far too leftist for my taste.

The stat is slightly out of date, Mexico has recently overtaken our total deaths.
1. USA
2. Brazil
3. Mexico
4. UK

Luxembourg has recently been added to the list of countries the FO advises against travelling to, making 119.

But the fact is essentially true and easily verified here

david small

The Eye attacks the current Government. Always has.
The current Government have lurched a lot further rightwards. If you support the Government and indeed voted for them, then you will regard anything that criticises them as leftie. The Eye is not leftie, they attacked Corbyn mercilessly. He deserved, and so does the Government.
You can fly to the United States with 400 other travellers.
If you get covid and die, Just 30 people can come to your funeral
But cars have to social distance. That's why tailgating is frowned upon.
Question Author
If you don’t like the political party you support being criticised/shown up to be a bunch of hypocrites – then Private Eye is not for you.
And if a person doesn't drive presumably their risk of dying from Covid reduces also? Stats like this mean nothing to the individual.
If you’re of a mind to take ANY publications diatribe as the truth then I pity you.

Question Author
You don’t have to be driving (or travelling in) a vehicle to be killed in a road traffic accident.
The Crossword isn't too bad.
// If you are under the age of 35 you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than from the corona virus //

But it is most unlikely that you will pass on the cause of death to somebody else.
Question Author
Private Eye occasionally prints corrections when they have got something wrong – and regularly publishes letters with a contrary view to a published item.
But if only 1% of what they printed was lies – Mr. Hislop would soon find the magazine bankrupt as a result of legal and compensation payments.

They often receive missives from Carter-*** (and others) threatening legal action on behalf of their clients – the magazine’s response is invariably to tell them (and their client) to go forth and multiply.

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