Not Face Masks Again , I Hear You Say

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Bazile | 07:31 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | News
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Oh yes -:face masks again

I see that from today that the item in question is mandatory to be worn in almost all places


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Not for me, I'm exempt.
Everybody can be exempt looking at the reasons not to wear one.
Well that list shows what I thought was the case. It means I might have to wear a mask for an hour a week at most so I don't mind.
My favourite thing about this thread is Bazile getting his news stories from Newsround. John Craven would be proud! :-)
I am exempt but wear one anyway, it's a bit of a struggle sometimes especially when it is this hot. I checked with an oximeter and it didn't change my O² saturation so there is no reason for me to use my exempt status.
And before someone else points it out, it's face coverings not masks
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Hey mozz - I'm a youngster.
Not like all you old farts on here :-)
Good for you rowanwitch. It appears some like to boast about NOT having to wear one. I wear mine out of respect to other shoppers.

The discomfort is very short lived,
i'd rather wear a mask/face covering than be ill. with a choice between the two I know what I'll be doing. I know they don't completely obliterate the chances of catching the virus but they help to lessen the chances so that has got to be good.
The exemption list is very dubious. Only those with a diagnosed condition should be exempt. It would be a simple matter to contact the GP and request a certificate of sorts. If it costs a couple of quid it is cheaper than a mask/face covering.
They are to stop you spreading it to others, not you catching it.
sparkly you don't need a certificate or any kind of proof. If you want proof, then several charities and organisations offer free downloadable documents.
Cheers Woofgang. Whilst I could easily fit into one of the exemption categories, I won't.
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I still don't understand why me wearing a mask protects you ; but you wearing a mask doesn't protect me
bazile, have another coffee and try again.
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''They are to stop you spreading it to others, not you catching it.''
because it stops airborne particles which are One of the main ways coronavirus is transmitted.
more mission creep.

how long before covering your face is required in all public areas, indeed anywhere beyond your own front door?
Exactly, just another exercise to see how far they can control the plebs.

People dont wear face coverings that will actually do much goo plus pulling them down, scratching your nose or sticking them in your pocket renders them useless.

It it pampering to the COVID devotees who have pretty much converted it to a religion. It's also been very useful to the Globalists to see how many 'just follow orders'.

Just watch, soon it will be tow the line or no Bank account, no pension, cant work. And forget cash.

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Not Face Masks Again , I Hear You Say

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