Will Priti Useless Actually Do Something This Time?

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youngmafbog | 07:31 Fri 07th Aug 2020 | News
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No doubt more hot air from the Home Secretary who talks the talk but doesnt even crawl the crawl let alone walk the walk.

Either she gets her ass into gear immediately or she should go along with Johnson and Han cock.

Shame really I had really high hopes for "Hang 'em" Patel.


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All the navy will do is escort them to Dover. Coaches waiting, next stop the four star hotels and £40 a week spending money.
Could be just a different uniformed service escorting them to paradise, it's not as if they're going to ram them or even tow them back to their embarcation point.

Priti Patel being furious though, that's a good thing.
I wonder if she'll manage to pull it off.
If me and the missus pass ourselves off as asylum seekers, we could get a holiday in a hotel :-)
Question Author
She wont do anything and she wont have any backing from useless Libertarian Johnson.
Look on the bright side ......... oh there isn't one :-(
It increases diversity - yippeeeee!
As we speak, BBC news are following a boat in the channel headed for Dover.
Border Force have taken control to escort them.
Coaches waiting to take them to various locations around the country.
wodger do ?
shell them? - sink them? starve them? enslave them?
Build a wall.
C'mon Bible man !
theland that is!

when st pip met the ethiopean in his chariot in the desert ( from Meroe I tend to think) acts 8
he didnt say - "hold it I will just use my mobile to dial up a legionary to escort you back to Zero-y , christian or not - back you go my man! Emancipation doesnt come from another oo 1860 y give or take a drink or two"
( Merow-ee the ethiopean says in a tired tone ....)
now did he?
wodger do ?

Maybe prevent them crossing into our bit of the channel- make them turn round for a start rather than escort them. It might take some time before the message gets through that the people smugglers can't deliver but it will.

// Build a wall.//
o god the AB answer to everything
Pres Trump ( so it has to be true) said that the wall ( in the ocean I think) kept out the Chinese killer flu virus "real good" - best in the world

so there may be a point
Save them when they don't need saving?
France is safe.
We are just a soft touch.
yeah - - no
I think they have rudders and petrol and come back another day

(thats me - forward thinking)
Theland//All the navy will do is escort them to Dover//
A former Chief of Staff has stated that the navy could take them on board and return them to France.Why don't you wait and see instead of being so quick to ctiticise?
aargh Peter P is a terrible man
I have just spoilt your full house of recent answers The land
dubble sozza
They are not exactly mugging victims on the road to Jerusalem, in need of a good Samaritan.
Peter - I shall scrawl your name on the lavatory wall!
Danny - pigs may fly.
Theland//Danny - pigs may fly.//
Would that be when you post something positive, instead of carping?

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