First Day Of New Job For Max

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wolf63 | 00:07 Fri 07th Aug 2020 | News
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I vaguely remember my first day of working for a living - but I do remember that was not a great day.

PD Max seems to have had an excellent day. ☺


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Well done Max, lucky Mum and baby.
Well done Max. Hopefully all concerned are safe and well now.
Well done, Max :-)
One well trained Pooch.

Good Boy Max!
Have a Bonio.
lab rat porton down Jan 1969
first day at work
not that happy either
but hey it did get thro to me that if I didnt get a uni degree or two I wd be stuck in such jobs for the rest of my life.....
Well done you Peter.
Question Author
PP - Rats are actually quite intelligent. Your parents should have been proud of you being a Lab Rat.

I didn't go to university - I am not sure what that tells you about me. (Apart from the fact that I am a Crazy Cat Lady who loves GSDs esp. Police Dogs)

virology - amazed that so little about covid has changed
OK the molecular DNA ju-ju has
but even DNA splicing is 1973

we were
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR| VOLUME 305, ISSUE 7914, P1037, MAY 03, 1975. SIMIAN VIRUSES. AlbertoD. Vizoso. Published:May 03, 1975

jesus they want you to pay for eveything now - we used to go a library and pick the volume from the shelf
Question Author
All that information PP and you didn't say which publication. Do you still have your dog?

I'm just in from my voluntary job and I am tired and need a nap. I'm getting old. :-(
Smashing dog. What a clever boy.
Well done Max and his handler.
were you gonna read it? hur hur hur
fascinating ds DNA viruses with latency
which does THIS
( not for feeble minds - the monkeys all DDDDIIIIIEEEEEE!)

all to do with safety of vaccines
so when the usual window lickers on AB earnestly state - "but we still dont know if vaccines are SAFE!"
I can reply - "yes we do, and we have known for 50 years"

(for the really technically minded walk-ins: they didnt know if vaccine cell lines ( BHK) were safe in the 1960s. If you fuse with sendai virus, the latent viruses are driven out and can be studied. They were all non-pathogenic)

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First Day Of New Job For Max

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