Pub? Or School?

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mushroom25 | 12:20 Sat 01st Aug 2020 | News
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plenty of coverage -

looks like there may need to be some hard choices. is it more important to maintain a semblance of societal normality and keep pubs open? or is education more important?


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the pubs/schools choice is his idea of an attention getter. NOWHERE has it been said that that is the likely either/or....not even by the bloke who was interviewed.
^ Faith 'slightly' restored.
//How does this fit in with "Eat out August" where we are supposed to be eating out more to support restaurants, pubs and take away's.//

Why do you think the scheme ends on 31st August? I suppose “Eat out in August before we close the pubs and restaurants again in September” may have been a bit too inflammatory.

//I think the government has lost the plot.//

I think you’re about four months late with that discovery.

It doesn’t need to be a choice.

I think I would rather send my child to school than the pub. She's belligerent enough as it is :)

It doesn’t need to be a choice.//

So, keep the schools closed and shut the pubs again? :-)
No matter what measures are taken to control the virus, I get the feeling, fear, that it will only ever be slowed down, and that eventually it will infect everybody who have so far remained safe.
I am in a very high risk category, and think that even if the R number was exceedingly low, its only a matter of time.
Yes, I am very worried in spite of all the precautions taken.
As so often happens, a professor has said something which can be misinterpreted and turned into something the public will get its trolleys in a robble over, and it will sell some papers and boost some phone-in figures until the truth filters through in a couple of days.
Yup Andy....I would think more of the bloke if he hadn't made such a silly and open to sensationalisation comment.
// I think the government has lost the plot //

The government never had a plot except to tell everyone to run for the hills and stay there. Keep away from each other. What else has the government done? Well, it panicked and built unnecessary temporary hospitals. After four months, the
Grime Minister and his vegetables have learned nothing; and they're still telling people to head for the hills.
14:28 me too, I am having grave doubts now. I don't think Boris knows what to do any more ...
So, they need to close the pubs... to drag the teachers out and back to school ?

The hard choice is to stop panicking in the face of criticism and start getting back to normal; acknowledging that the restrictions were just to spread out over time those destined to be affected, not to stop the virus dead in it's tracks. (If we can't cure any 'common cold' why do folk think this virus will be gone any time soon ?) Some seem determined to remain in restriction for evermore, no matter what the cost in terms of the economy or life quality.

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Pub? Or School?

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