Mask Confusion

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Theblip | 14:15 Thu 30th Jul 2020 | News
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customers in takeaways, sandwich shops etc are now required to wear masks, which is fair enough. But since this rule has been in operation, I’ve noticed that staff in such places are not wearing masks. How is that fair or sensible? Surely anyone preparing food should be required to cover their mouth and


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They don't have to wear them but they should, especially if there is no plastic screen up.
I'd probably walk out and go somewhere else
// customers in takeaways, sandwich shops etc are now required to wear masks //

um, no they're not. the law says "face coverings". it's not just semantics, there's a difference.
I am confused about why we have YET another mask thread
People bored I sup[pse
As much as we care about others this becomes a real problem. But you see people don't care and they are only thinking about their pleasure and comfort and for them this is normal. I'd just get out and chose another place to get food.
You're right mushroom- although I'm pretty sure the staff Theblip says he saw were not wearing any face coverings.
No? Dont you mean dont they?
Just go somewhere else if you are not happy and reduce the queue for me.
Clarity, consistency and guidance applied uniformly are much needed, as the questionable shambles of air travel since the acknowledgement of this pandemic clearly illustrates.

"Just go somewhere else" is not an option available to everyone.
Yeah but if you really NEED a Gregs' sausage roll..........
//if you really NEED a Gregs' sausage roll....\\

...then you are beyond redemption.
Yes Zacs, carnal desires are difficult to resist. As is flippancy.
Wearing a mask is mandatory on trains, and I have no problem with that.
But today I was told by a British Transport Police officer that I had to wear a mask before I could enter the station.
I have not heard of this requirement before. I obviously complied, but had the feeling that they were abusing the guidelines and imposing something bogusly.
Chap I know very politely asked two brummie’s in Tesco’s why they were not wearing masks? He was told very verbosely to go forth and multiply. Staff, manager, did not want to know.

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Mask Confusion

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