Jack Charltons Funeral Today.

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Barsel | 13:30 Tue 21st Jul 2020 | News
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When jack died, I noticed there was no comment that I could see from his brother Bobby. Now at Jacks funeral, Bobby was too ill to attend. I seem to remember they did have a falling out some years ago, but surely this wouldn't be the real reason why Bobby wasn't there would it?


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I think they reconciled in 2008 back at a BBC sports award ceremony
From the Daily Mirror:-
//But the tragic death of fellow 1966 World Cup hero, Ray Wilson, finally reunited the warring brothers, who put their differences aside to attend his funeral.//

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I hope they were reconciled. The only way I would miss my brothers funeral is if I was on my death bed.
82 year old, sick man, doesn't phone newspapers to comment on his brother's death. Wow.
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TheChair He isn't just an 82yr old sick man. he is Sir Bobby Charlton. No need for the sarcasm!
I think it was on Parkinson where, Jack famously said: "I can't play, our kid can play but I can stop other people playing" - legend.
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Jack Charltons Funeral Today.

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