Shamima Begum Can Come Home.

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webbo3 | 10:57 Thu 16th Jul 2020 | News
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she made her bed, she should challenge it from where she is, shes showed no sign of remorse, i can just see the BBC chomping at the bit to pay her for an interview and make the uk look bad


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Will her challenge be funded by me through Legal Aid?
Wow. Beeb bashing before they've even done anything. If she is allowed to return - and that's far from certain as there will be an appeal - the entire media (not just Aunty) will be falling over one another offering her gazillions for an exclusive.
Our learned judiciary have decided that her life would be in danger in Bangladesh and elsewhere.
Do they honestly think there are not vigilante groups in this country who would like to gain some kudos by taking her out for good.I would guess that if she was allowed to retain her citizenship for this country she would have to be given a new identity and a safe house. If her legal representation is not funded by crowd funding then no doubt it will be legal aid again funded by the tax payer. Does any other country cosset their potential terrorist absconders in this fashion. If she comes back she should be banged up.
once again we lie down and die....
Retro //If she comes back she should be banged up.//
She may well be.
'The judge found that "the national security concerns about her could be addressed and managed if she returns to the United Kingdom." Locked up, then?
I feel sorry for the brexiteers who voted out, to stop this sort of thing .
Lest we forget everything she does from the minute she sets foot in Uk will be paid for , by you know who . This is going to cost the taxpayer Big.
I should have read the next paragraph. If the SS and the DPP consider that the evidence and public interest tests for a prosecution for terrorist offences are met, "she could be arrested and charged upon her arrival in the United Kingdom and remanded in custody pending trial."
Lord Justice Flaux – sitting with Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Singh – said: “Fairness and justice must, on the facts of this case,

//outweigh the national security concerns, so that the leave to enter appeals should be allowed.”//

I notice the now, almost glamorous westernised photos, she poses in. Her garb of choice was the hideous Burqa when it suited her cause.
Gulliver, how is this connected to Brexit?
As a rule TV stations don’t pay you for an interview.
You may get modest expenses if appropriate
Question Author
\\Gulliver, how is this connected to Brexit?//

I think he/she is trying to be sarcastic.
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Danny, because you know and I know , but no one will admit it .Brexit was all about immigration and non taxpayers such as in this case costing the Tax payer.
Funny, I thought Brexit was all about getting away from EU laws, regulations and payments.
Sighhhhh, God loves a trier
Bring her back, give her her citizenship back, then send her to trial for terrorist crimes.
Wrong again Mozz, it was all about Immigration , and well you know it .
That is a very good idea Mozz

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Shamima Begum Can Come Home.

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