Boots Cuts 4,000 Jobs

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Hymie | 19:46 Thu 09th Jul 2020 | News
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Once the corona virus lockdown was implemented, my local Boots store started restricting entry to one person at a time – this despite the store being over 500 square metres in size.

Whilst waiting outside in-line to collect my regular medical prescription, I thought to myself – you don’t need more than a low double digit IQ to realise that by operating such a scheme, within a very short time period the business will go bust. But this seems to have been beyond the comprehension of Boots CEO.


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If the PM doesn't care, why should anyone else? He knew full well what would happen, but he went ahead and still won't ease up, so why is anyone surprised that companies are making people redundant?
if memory serves, Boots were talking about cutting their number of stores before covid arrived.
The current situation may have hastened and enlarged the problem.
I'm sure that there were rumours of them going bust around about the time of Woolworths going bust. It may have just been speculation but who knows.

yes they announced late last year that they were closing several stores,we have 2 in our town and the smaller one closes this month.
By Booys, you mean Walgreen's CEO.....driven by the States, me thinks.
Boots has been on the ropes for a long time. Apart from a prescription, why does anybody go to Boots? They lost their "raison d’être" long ago.
Boots today - can the awful, outdated WH Smith be far behind?
As others have said Boots have been struggling for a long time. Our small boots have been running on a skeleton staff for years.
Where will I go to be ignored for an indeterminate period then be given no helpful advice now?
There are plenty of other establishments offering the same kind of service, whatever your needs.
Harrods or some M&S shops, possibly, Digless xx

We've got 2 Boots in our small town, the bigger of the 2 isn't big enough to be classed as a medium sized shop.
The smaller is crowded with 5 customers in it (pre-covid)
Both are about 5 minutes walk away from each other. nuts.
Boots lost its way a long time ago. I remember it selling toys, own brand kitchen ware such as saucepans, crockery, fondue sets - things you just don't go to your local chemist to buy. Now my local Boots sells sex toys, a few doors away from Ann Summers.
These days I get my prescriptions delivered free of charge (not by Boots) and buy everything Boots sells from the supermarket, cheaper.
May 2019 Boots announced they could close 200 stores within 2 years blaming business rates
Now they blame lockdown. Not their fault, not at all.
In my town we've had boots and superdrug next to each other for 30 years ridiculous as it sounds ... selling what amounts to the same products.
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There is small army of staff working within the chemist/prescription department of my local Boots – despite this they need at least two weeks’ notice in order to prepare my repeat prescription.
We have only one Boots, it is located on the high street. I used to go there every day during the week because it was a short cut between my employer and the way home.

Now our office is gone and the staff moved to the Job Centre, the office is now a Holiday Inn or Travel Lodge place and Boots was almost empty of customers.

Down the street is where Woolworths used to be - I still miss the store.
Hymie, were they really allowing only one person into the shop? Or did they fill it to capacity at the start of the day, then allow one more in when anyone left?
The only reason for shopping at Boot's is if it is the only pharmacy in town. Other pharmacies, with the possible exception of Lloyd's, are much cheaper.
Most local town high streets are dead now, Susan ( mine is anyway ), Woolworths ( long time now ) gone, BHS gone Marks and Spencer gone and now it looks like Boots will be gone. There are a lot of large empty buildings in my home town now. Who wants a town full of pound shops, banks / building societies and fast food places, I only go into my home town if I absolutely have to and I know that I'm not alone with that ( doesn't help that we can't park anywhere in town without having to pay ).
Your town and many, many more like it. My town is just the same. There are more charity shops than any other type.

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Boots Cuts 4,000 Jobs

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