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When this was discussed earlier, in March/April, I was probably too sceptical about the benefits of mask-wearing, although partly the concern was motivated by the shortage of PPE on the front lines at the time.

But in retrospect I should have agreed with Naomi and others. I don't accept the argument (at least not any more) that wearing masks can be harmful, eg by encouraging people to take risks, because I don't think that would be the mindset of a mask-wearer; and even if it's a marginal benefit then that's enough. I don't think anyone advocating wearing a mask treats it as a perfect solution anyway. Plus I think there's something to be said for the message it sends, ie: "I care about the health of myself and others enough to be trying to do something about it."
AuntPollyGrey :

"Me" as in I am FOR wearing a mask in public places.
Oh dear Edmunds off to the naughty step !
Edmund I did read the question. The question was 'Should we all be wearing them (masks in public places)

your reply was 'ME'

LoL!! maybe you should RTFQ pet. ;-)
i assume Edmund was answering the first question in the post
Aunt PollyGrey:

Subject Title: Who's For Wearing Face Masks/Coverings?
//Danny - Two people ( one wearing a face covering one not) are passing a person who is not wearing a face covering. This person , who is in the infectious stage of covid , lets out a huge sneeze. Are you suggesting that both the uncovered person and the covered person have the same chance of catching the covid virus from them?//

Whether you agree or not, AuntPolly, the answer is “yes.” That’s why suggestions on here that older people should be especially careful to wear one are misplaced. They protect other people, not the wearer. So there is no reason why older people should be urged to wear them any more or less than anybody else. There is also the risk that those wearing a face covering are likely to fiddle with it, thus touching their faces with their (possibly) infected hands. One precaution I do take (because it’s practical) is that I do not touch my face, eyes, nose or mouth whilst I’m out. When wearing a covering when I travel by bus or train it s more difficult to stick to that.

//Also, why can we pick up and put down things in the supermarket but in bookshops and clothes shops items have to be steamed or quarantined for three days?//

I think you’ll find most bookshops and clothes shops have stopped that nonsense (if it ever started).

//Seriously would anyone forgo the face covering and let someone sneeze all over them as it 'won't make a difference'?//

You are taking about mitigating two completely different threats. I would not stand and let somebody sneeze all over me at any time – Covid or no Covid. It simply isn’t sensible. Face coverings are to prevent the transmission of the disease in normal circumstances where people come into close proximity more than momentarily.

In all of this, you have to remember that in the UK at present it is estimated that about 1 in 2,200 people have the virus. That means on average you have a 1 in 2,200 chance of encountering somebody who may pass the virus on to you. The chances of that one person actually doing so are very much less. If you feel happy wearing a face covering and believe it will protect you against that tiny risk it will not do any harm. But it should not be mandatory for people to do so in situations where it has no benefit.

Happy to say that my local Tesco Extra is completely back to normal today. No queuing to get in (the barriers were being loaded on to a lorry as I arrived), no one way systems, no arrows on the floor, nobody barking at me to keep to the arrows, no queuing to get out. So it seems that common sense might be starting to prevail.
Only if required to.

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Who's For Wearing Face Masks/Coverings?

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