So Is This The New Normal?

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ToraToraTora | 12:52 Mon 06th Jul 2020 | News
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Any police action against a non white is de facto racism?


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Here’s what should have happened. Firstly, the man shouldn’t’ve laughed at the coppers. When they were pulled over they should have done as instructed by the the police. The woman shouldn’t’ve gone bananas. Had they acted sensibly they would have been on their way within 5 minutes. I was pulled over last Sept because I was driving in SE London at 3am on the way...
06:57 Tue 07th Jul 2020
Another Couple with a block of 4 x 2 on their shoulders.
Driving on the wrong side of the road ..
Video says everything really.
Sorry .. in a crime hot spot ..declining to stop .. made off at speed .. screaming at the police.

Suppose she has a point, the Police had no reason to stop them ???
There are certainly anomalies in this story.

//Dos Santos said that a written report given to them by police did not mention driving on the wrong side of the road, and that where they stopped is a single car-width road.//

that's something Lawyers will have to have explained.

I can imagine being stopped 15 times since owning the car makes one tetchy - they'll have to see if this gets sorted out satisfactorily.
Not the new normal. This is nothing new, happens all the time.
The Police made a mistake. They thought they were harassing drug dealers, and instead they were harassing innocent people.
Egg on faces.
It was only an A class they were in. Not exactly a drug dealer's wheels.
It strikes me that, at the moment, it depends on whom you believe the most. There are, apparently, inconsistencies in the police account, and unless/until those are resolved, it seems wrong to talk about chips on shoulders, crying wolf etc.

That doesn't mean it's "de facto racism" either. Best wait to see what, if anything, further investigation reveals.
Easy mistake: A Class - class A.

Comes from a lifetime of listing surname first.
Very good Doooogie. Very good.
To be honest, if I saw young people in an expensive Mercedes with blacked out windows, I would instantly think ‘Drug Dealers’. But the Police should be better trained than me, and should treat the public as innocent until proven otherwise.

'To be honest, if I saw young people in an expensive Mercedes with blacked out windows, I would instantly think ‘Drug Dealers’'

Really? You need to get out more Grom.
Gromit does have a point. All besides 1 of our work vehicles have blacked out windows. When they are all parked in our car park I always think it looks well dodgy.

The one which doesn't have blacked out windows is a Smart car :-)
Question Author
the problem is that Mercedes have use the term A Class for a completely different car. The earlier A class is this:
as you say hardly a drug dealers ride..
to this
which would qualify!
dunno which one they have, I suspect the latter.
I don't think any self respecting DD would be seen in anything as lowly as an A class, whatever spec.
//Egg on faces.//

No egg anywhere - except that you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few.

Ms Williams accuses the police of racial profiling. I hope she's correct. It's unfortunate but in areas like Maida Vale there is a large drug problem. Many (I hesitate to say "most" because nobody knows, but I and others know there is no danger in "many") of the drug dealers in such areas are young and black, lots of them drive Mercedes and Beamers. It would make no sense, therefore, for the police to take interest in elderly white couples returning from Sainsbury's in Kilburn High Road in their Kia Picanto.

//But the Police should be better trained than me...and should treat the public as innocent until proven otherwise.//

It's not the job of police to treat people as innocent until proven otherwise. That is the job of the courts. Police need to identify the guilty. They work on the "ABC" principle - Assume nothing; Believe nobody; Check everything). They cannot do that without interacting with those whom they suspect of being at it.

//Best wait to see what, if anything, further investigation reveals.//

Well it seems the initial "further investigation" has revealed something:

"Officers from the Directorate of Professional Standards have reviewed both footage from social media, and the body-worn video of the officers, and are satisfied that there is no concern around the officers' conduct."
She was interviewed on LBC. 10 minutes, a bit boring but her story sounds genuine.
They were stopped initially a short distance from their house. It wasn’t safe to vacate the car there, so they pulled up outside their house which was about 20 seconds away. The Police said the could smell cannabis and handcuffed the driver. Williams was also pulled out of the car and handcuffed leaving her baby child for half a hour. Obviously they are both regularly drug tested, so they hadn’t been smoking weed.

Question Author
gromit: "Obviously they are both regularly drug tested, so they hadn’t been smoking weed." - I don't think they check athletes for "weed" - not being a traditional performance enhancing substance.
The Directorate of Professional Standards is there to look after the Officers interests, not the publics. It is not independent.

// The organisation's duty is wider than the issues of complaints and corruption. There are obligations to treat staff fairly and to be seen as an employer of choice, thus the highest standards must be applied to internal processes as well. In order to achieve this the Directorate has been expanded to encompass employment tribunals, civil actions against the commissioner and the vetting of staff. //
I am not an expert but I assume the random tests will find everything legal and illegal, from cough medicines to steroids. If you have taken cannabis it will show, as many footballers know to their shame. Scottish footballer Connor Duthrie was banned for 2 years in February for testing positive for cannabis.

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