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RIP Ennio.
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Not one of the Spaghetti Western ones...

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Though he will always be remembered more for his iconic spaghetti western music. Almost everyone can instantly recognise the theme music for The Good The Bad and The Ugly. RIP.
Ah no! Love his music and the Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone spaghetti western trilogy wouldn't have been the same without it.

RIP Ennio
Oh no, a total genius, he wrote some of the most beautiful and moving pieces I've ever heard.
He is played at least once a day on Classic FM.
last one.
What a wonderful genius. He produced hundreds of film scores, but as many have said it is the spaghetti western music he is best remembered for. We went to several of his concerts and The Good The Bad and The Ugly tracks always brought the loudest and longest applause.
Sad news indeed - RIP Ennio.
Not the album or orchestral version but the movie version:

RIP Ennio, a true Maestro.
RIP Ennio. He scored highly ...

webbo 09:38, Once Upon A Time In The West, the best of the lot ...
A master oboist plays the master's music. Heavenly.
RIP Maestro Ennio.
Wonderful evocative music. A hugely talented man.
Webbo has already post one version, but I prefer the actual sound-track:
^Brilliant film, especially the beginning.

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Ennio Morricone Rip

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