What Has Haooenned To F1?

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ToraToraTora | 20:49 Sun 05th Jul 2020 | News
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"taking the knee", perlease! I'd always loved the drivers for being mavericks! How did they allow themselves to be bullied into this. I've always been a huge fan of Hamilton, not any more. What a bunch of - colloquial term for cats -.


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Surely Lewis Hamilton's success is proof that the colour of his skin didn't stop him reaching the top.
22:19 Sun 05th Jul 2020
//my April//

I didn't ask what you talk out of, me ol' china.

//like in football you mean?//

I have no idea what has happened in football. Perhaps the teams have decided en masse, to take the knee. Perhaps the players just want to show solidarity and support with their BAME colleagues. Either way, it's irrelevant when we're talking about F1.
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have a day off Mozz, they have been bullied into it.
That's your rationale, because it fits what you believe about BLM and the anti-racism movement. You refuse to believe that anyone can possibly think differently to you, so anyone who is taking the knee has OBVIOUSLY been bullied into it.
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so every single footballer in the league wanted to do it did they? right oh!
Taking the knee (dreadful phrase) started with one man in American Football - he has now come out against celebrating 4th of July.
He doesn't yet seem to have come up with a catchy pose for that - if he does will the rest of the sporting world come out in support of that too?
His orginal message has now become diluted and divisive.
You can only be "bullied" into it if you are a person who is in the "spotlight" and fervently wishes to remain so. I doubt very much if your average Ernie Entwhistle down at the Pig and Poke would deign to do it.
No doubt that just as footballers will refuse to go to the Qatar world cup, Hamilton will refuse to race in Bahrain.
Does having parents who are white and black , makes you black ?
That's the subject of much debate Baz, far better to ask the person concerned how they view themselves.

Presuming you know them well enough of course.
I'm still waiting for the first black president of the USA
No need to ask, Bazile. They will loudly proclaim what they "identify" as. Hmm, this could get interesting.
Everyone will respond that way AZ?
No matter how ridiculous that may be, and we are supposed to meekly accept it.
Who is running the asylum these days ?
Considering Obama's parentage, he could just as well be called a Euro-American.
Ridiculous, you said it.

No person has ever approached me in the street and announced their ancestry - where do you reside?
Across the (big) pond, anyone of any matter proclaims a hyphenated lineage. Otherwise they're just of a despicable pale shade, & not worth mentioning.
Check Wikipedia entries.
Was Kennedy not a "hyphenated-American"? Are there not hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other, similarly named, "hyphenated-Amemericans"?
Which Kennedy ? All I see is that they were Americans, no hyphens.

You want hyphens ? Millions ? Yeah, the self-important & the self-absorbed.
We're you not referring to their ancestry?

There are many folk who describe themselves as Italian-American or, in the case of the Kennedys, Irish-American.
Posturing... like the rest of them.

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What Has Haooenned To F1?

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