Looks Like We Are In For A Second Spike.

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webbo3 | 08:41 Sun 05th Jul 2020 | News
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If people behave like this then its almost certain we will get a second spike, hopefully in the winter when they will be queuing to shop in the snow and rain.


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Further context, for those under 50, 0.0007% of the population.

Slim enough to get back to normal.
Dudley and Wolverhampton heading for another lockdown alongside Leicester. Apparently it's not the pubs that are the bogeymen here but the sweatshops. Seamstresses are told if you don't turn up for work even if you feel unwell you don't get your £4 an hour. I bet the bosses are claiming furlough pay for their slaves as well.
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I'm just listening to the doctors in my hospital, we won't be back to normal for a very very long time, and they are expecting a second wave.

No one gets in without a mask and all the staff must wear a mask......all day.

So 44,000 deaths is inconsequential.
We would normally have 17,000 flu deaths a year.
So in 4 months we have had 27,000 excess deaths - But it nothing to be bothered about.
At the expense of the economy, and the undoubted greater problems that will cause, no it isn’t Gromit.

It’s here, and it ain’t going away anytime soon, so we need to learn to live with it and get back to normal. Not a new normal, normal
When compared over a year or 2 say i wonder how those 44000 deaths will compare to normal death rate over 2 yrs say...almost definitely less. 2 in 3 of the deaths already had a medical condition .
We need to get back to normal whatever that normal may be

Those that don’t have the mental robustness to get back to normal can continue to cower behind their sofas, but for those of us who have a better grip on reality, should be allowed to go about our business as normal.
Question Author
Try getting a dental will struggle, thats not normal.
Deskdiary, if you feel that there is no need to listen to what the scientists say then, by all means, feel free to to go out and mingle but please don't criticise those of us who take a more sensible approach to the dangers of gathering in large groups.
It could be that those who appear to be immune have simply followed the advice given by Mr Trump and drank some bleach or disinfectant- after all he is a World Leader!
Matt he never advised drinking disinfectant and he never mentioned bleach! What he said was taken out of context by the MSM, as usual!
it will not be eradicated for many years if at all smallpox is the only virus in the world that been cleared up
covid 19 is here,we just have to live and die with it
he certainly didn't advise drinking disinfectant - how ridiculous!

He merely raised the possibility of injecting it.
The only human disease to be more accurate.
But eradicating it isn’t really what anyone is trying seriously to do I don’t think.
You call it a sensible approach Danny, I call what you’re doing a paranoid approach.

I do risk for a living, and this is low risk.

The fact is, it is a slim chance that anybody who gets it will die, it is also a fact that healthy people under 50 who get it who die is statistically bordering on irrelevant.
Deskdiary, I am bordering on 88 years old with COPD and I know what is best for me.As I said if you want to risk your health then good luck to you.
dannyk, like me, is not under 50, so we take a more conservative view.

Not like Spanish flu, where it was young people who died while oldies like us commuted between pub, hairdresser and street riot all day long.
I wonder whether the government - having achieved its stated aim of avoiding the overwhelming of the NHS, has now decided to let the herd system allow the virus to find its level, settle, and be assimilated, as all other viruses have been over time.
jno - // he certainly didn't advise drinking disinfectant - how ridiculous!

He merely raised the possibility of injecting it. //

These points are important to clarify I am sure you will agree.

If I was lying dying on my kitchen floor with the syringe still stuck in my arm, I would want my dying thoughts to centre on the fact that I was following the advice of the President in injecting bleach, and not some complete idiot who thought drinking it was a good idea.
jno, it was matt who said he did, not me. But some people actually did!

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Looks Like We Are In For A Second Spike.

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