Extraordinary Revelation In Crime Investigation

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retrocop | 15:31 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | News
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I frind this unbelievable that the Portugese and German police did not get alarm bells ringing and liaise with each other over the McCann disappearance. How many times does a child molester be deported before they become a person of interest in a crime enquiry?
One of the suggestions why we should remain in the EU was that we would lose Criminal and Security Intelligence sharing between EU countries!
Precious little co-operation and intelligence shared here me thinks. So much time wasted in realising this recent suspect may certainly have questions to answer and hold the key.


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This seems first and foremost a failure to notice significant detail/pattern, a failure within both police and judiciary. The information was simply never logged. Could do better for sure, sadly the case everywhere, in and outside the EU.
With the main guy originally heading the investigation pinning all his hopes (and suspicions) on poor Maddie's parents being the culprits, is it any wonder no other lines of enquiry were rigorously followed?
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The ,now retired, Head dick of the Portugese Police has a load of questions to answer for his incompetence. 'Freeze the Scene' (Crime).
Never done from the onset and discovery of the abduction.I believe the investigator i/c the investigation was seeking legal damages for the McCann's criticism of the inept and indifferent approach to this enquiry from the start.
All is forgiven Insp Clouseau. Insp Clueless takes your place. Mind boggling .
very sad policing, wonder what the fbi would have done.
When no one assumes responsibility, and culpability is shielded by shadows and closed ranking. There will always be gaps where incompetence slips through.
A similar level of incompetence was demonstrated by West Yorkshire Police in their investigation of the Yorkshire Ripper murders.
You're not wrong, Hymie. I was in the Bradford/Halifax area when Sutcliffe was committing his murders. It was all very strange and unsettling, police were just stopping people randomly (including friends of mine) and one colleague who was stopped was pestered beyond belief because he was a Geordie (after the fake tape). We didn't feel very confident or protected at all. They had got a similar bee in their helmets.

I must add a word of praise regarding all the blokes - they were brilliant in making sure that we were safe. If I went to visit a friend her husband would accompany me to my car, check it was empty and make sure I set off safely.
While it all seems clear and obvious now, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Retro; Oh, if only you were the UK's top cop everything would be fine.

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Extraordinary Revelation In Crime Investigation

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