Russian Reforms

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tiggerblue10 | 14:25 Thu 02nd Jul 2020 | News
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Is Putin really that popular with the Russian people as it's looking likely he will be in power for quite some time. What do you think of the reforms?


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You only get out what you Putin.
Typical sharp practice from Putin and co.
The referendum is essentially been about extending his time in office (about which there was been next to no cocerage in the Russian media as Putin is, in fact, enjoying his lowest approval ratings in years)
The article explains well what is so unsatisfactory about this travesty of democracy.

It'll be interesting to see if a brewing scandal in the US comes to anything: about an alleged cover-up by the White House of US intelligence reports of the GRU paying the Taleban to kill US and UK forces in Afghanistan
I reckon if those reforms were presented to the British public, they would get a higher vote than Putin got.

Problem is, he is corrupt and a dictator, and can’t be trusted.
The “reforms” are only there as a cover for the constitutional change
If if the allegation that Russia was paying the Taleban is true, I doubt that would dent Putins (un)popularity. It is well know the CIA paid the Mujahideen (the Taleban’s forebears in Afghanistan) millions of dollar$ to kill Russians. I suspect the Russian people would be quite pleased the Putin gave the US a taste of its own medicine.
The scandal I’m talking about doesn’t relate to any repercussions in Russia.
Nor even to fact itself as far as the US and it’s allies are concerned: you expect that from a criminal state like Russia.
It’s the fact the White House claimed to know nothing about it. Tobias Elwood has asked for a Commons debate on the matter on Monday.
I’m not sure Trump’s standing can get a lot lower anyway mind you

If the Russia bounty story is true then the CIA knew about it and so did the President.

The only person that will feel any heat about the revelation is President Trump. We are probably only hearing about now because Trump’s enemies have leaked it.
That is my whole point.

By “Trump’s enemies” I assume you mean 99.9% of normal folk :-)
"By “Trump’s enemies” I assume you mean 99.9% of normal folk "

For goodnes sake get over it. Big headed or what?
well, perhaps just the 48% who voted for Clinton as against the 46% who voted for Trump?
The point being that I don’t think you need to be “out to get” Trump to be keen to highlight this.
One could only imagine the furore had this been a Democrat president.
Why this did not come to light earlier is a mystery
election coming up?
Job growth figures in US are phenomenol.
@22.59.It doesnt look like an election is going to happen any time soon in Russia...or China...or North Korea...or Venezuela....or Cuba.Yet all these countries are ostensibly socialist.Yet the Yanks get a kicking to have the audacity to have free elections.Putin is the same guy that Stalin was,except for the fact that Stalin killed less people.

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Russian Reforms

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