Second Spike And Lockdown Reimposed

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Gromit | 22:08 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | News
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The Government were repeatedly warned again and again about reopening schools and easing lockdown too early. The R number had reduced to under 1 in London, but was still too high in the rest of the country.
Now in Leicester lockdown has had to be reintroduced because the deaths are surging again. Shops that only reopened last Monday are having to close again.

This Government have been inept since the start of the pandemic and have just got worse.


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That's a handful of people on SAGE. They were outvoted though- the majority/overall view of SAGE was different. That's good really- we need a range of views.
It must be a factor, Jackdaw. The MP has suggested that those who don't have English as a first language were not hearing the messages- and this was an important factor.
It's also worth noting that data since May trumps opinion from May. I was also concerned -- and, it has to be said, still am -- that the easing over June was premature, but it has not been borne out nationally by case numbers -- which, although they haven't fallen as far as they could have, have at least held stable around 1,000/day (from tests only) for a couple of weeks, down from just under 2,000 a day at the start of the month.

The further easing from July 4th is potentially another matter, but I will defer judgement for myself until later in the month when we'll see the effects.
I'm off to bed now but, whilst I think the government could have done better, wanted to make sure some of Gromit's false claims / misunderstandings were challenged. It's a shame because he makes some good points at times but a case can be spoiled by exaggeration or false data
The government can't do right for doing wrong.
'Mr Hancock said Leicester accounted for "10% of all positive cases in the country over the past week".'

It would be helpful to know how many tests there were nationally in that period and what percentage of those tests were carried out in the Leicester area.
22.48 F/F Gromit is not making false claims , he is just telling the truth,but you and your radicalised chums on here refuse to believe him, because it doesn't suit you. Truth hurts. OK.
FF, 22:48, bang on, gromit can't help it he's fundamentally anti British.
Gulliver. Gromit's statement re R numbers is incorrect.
-- answer removed --
I wonder how many of the infected have recently, or have close family members who have recently, flown in from Pakistan? Meanwhile with flights to and from China starting up again, under the radar of the general populace so as not to cause concern, a new threat. Mind how ya go.
"Half of Britain's imported coronavirus cases in June came from Pakistan, data suggests amid calls for tougher quarantine checks from 'high-risk' countries
Since March 1, 190 flights have arrived from Pakistan, which is reporting 4,000 coronavirus cases a day and has had a new spike since easing lockdown.
More than 65,000 people travelled to Britain and most are thought to have British passports."

190 flights in a month from Pakistan and 65,000 incomers. Non of them BA or Virgin flights of course...our airlines can go to the wall as long as Emirates and Pakistani Airlines stay in business.

// Truth hurts. OK.//
the truth is that the aryan bankers contributing to this thread are all white supremacists
but the truth hurts as you say
and all those hollering in other places about free speech - of course their own and not mine -
get me deleted - such is life .....
Maybe now the Mayor of Leicester's breach of lockdown rules will come back to haunt him and Sir Keir Starmer might regret not having dealt with him as suggested.
And as if by magic he appears!
What a hypocrite! His message to the people of Leicester is to stay home!
It's just Leicester, the reason why is clear to most people.
That's what I hinted at @22.39 yesterday.
What's the question?
Question Author
Do you or disagree, that the Government have been inept since the start of the pandemic and have just got worse ?

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Second Spike And Lockdown Reimposed

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