Can You Believe It

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bentaxle | 17:54 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | News
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I m beginning to think the virus is natures way of thinning us out and he has enlisted these idiots to speed it up


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you'll forgive the tmesis - un-effing-believable!
Sadly, the reality is more sobering.
The UK population has been thinned out but not by YouTubers (obeying the current rules) but by the Government sending medical staff to Care Homes without any PPE. Many thousands have died as a result, and it was preventable.

But feel free to scoff at young people.

In every 100 covid deaths, 88 are over 65, and just 2 are under 50.
Fools are taking the knee for the likes of these.Considering the BAME community are supposed to be more suceptible to Covid the majority in the video clip do not seem to care about Black Lives or any one else's lives. This is were the increasing need for water canon arises. The police here are impotent if they try to disperse this excessive gathering and this mob would trash the bull ring if it was attempted.
Leicester face lockdown for a further two weeks and I heard,today, that the large Asian community claim many don't understand English so are contravening the Covid distancing guide lines!
//But feel free to scoff at young people.

In every 100 covid deaths, 88 are over 65, and just 2 are under 50. //

Which is why young people are tending to ignore the social distancing rules. Firstly it's not cool, and secondly they don't feel at risk. How they'll feel when they bring the virus back home and their parents die is another matter.
Even without covid I would describe them as idiots.

I was born one mile from that site. Birmingham I weep for thee.
Natural selection?
There are two things that help the spread of coronavirus.

1.How dense the population is.

2.How dense the population is.
police will do nothing, because riots looting and burning would ensue
and then shouts of discrimination racism...untouchable basically.
nice if you could scoop them all up, and drop them in the middle of a desert..
webbo3 Don't forget how dense the people in the population are.
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Gromit I'm past understanding the youth of today ,but if that chap is all that they have to admire in there life its a shame

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When posting on these sort of things am I alone in typing a good old grumble , then thinking I cant say that and scribble it
Having just researched Canking, I have to agree with you. He has less than 300K followers so he isn’t a star. And his act is rubbish.
That said, he isn’t spreading Corona.

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