Thats It, We Are Leaving On The 31St Dec.

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webbo3 | 17:35 Fri 12th Jun 2020 | News
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Oh well, if Michael Gove says it it must be true.

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He's told Brussels, not just Sly news.
Sensible remainers have accepted the fact. Those who can't, or refuse to are gonna have to grin and bear it.
We've already left. We're just agreeing for the present to follow their rules for a period.
Sensible remainers have accepted the fact many of those that haven't are on the streets causing civil unrest.
Not a black face among them.

Idiots disrupting someone else's protest.
Remainers protesting, Greta Thunberg too, now BLM.
Hardly room on the roads for a bus to get past!
Just hope the LBGTQXYZ and the trannies stay on lockdown or the towns and cities will be gridlocked. On one knee of course.
@21.24.Surely the cops can identify some of these left-wing fascists?You dont need to be Sherlock Holmes,you can see their faces...and as Mozz says not a non-white face to be seen.Scum.
Yes, we have left, thank goodness. I am just a little perturbed that Gove is extending the open borders issue. Hope it's not softening us up for more concessions. I have been offended by the way that Barnier et al are 'negotiating' from the p.o.v. that we are still a subservient state. I don't think they have really got it yet.

Probably those statue-toppling idiots are of the same-minded minority, who just haven't grown-up yet.
Probably members of the Young Conservative Movement in disguise,Trying to discredit other political parties. Hooray Henrys in Face Masks.
Gove: We leave on 31st December.

Any normal person: Checks number of days in December.
@21.46.I like your sarcasm,Gully.I take it you dont like these left-wing fascists either.
we left already!
Yeah, we already left. This date was about how long to give each side to negotiate a new relationship. Given all that's happened this year already, it's surprising that the UK Government decided not to a few extra months on so that they can focus on the more urgent issue.
gully you have a fan!
I think the crying will be done by those losing their jobs, compounded by the economic mayhem caused by the lockdown measures

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Thats It, We Are Leaving On The 31St Dec.

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