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dannyk, see Bobbi's (fair) response above.

You'll note though that I was responding to the OP's claim about showing your face, by saying that people who didn't give their names were equally "brave".

I have no qualms about usernames - I have one myself - only about hiding behind them to accuse other equally anonymous people of lack of courage.
Trouble is police don't have the advantage of knowing who has come for peaceful, lawful protest and those who are anarchists and rent a mob. They all look the same when the missiles and flares are being directed at you. I noted that few arrests were made in London. Certainly diproportionate to the crimes being committed. One offender must have committed a really serious crime as an officer broke ranks to attempt an arrest. Brave man. The crowd changed their chant to 'Let him go .Let him go'. Bearing in mind Keith Blakelock was hacked to death by a machete armed crowd for doing the same thing then it is difficult to ascertain who is peaceful and who aint.
//I'm quite enjoying this not swearing lark!//

Some appear to have permission to use "disguised" swear words though. Right here on this thread. Think of the likkle ones please, they are everywhere listening in and being corrupted.
Wonder how it would go down if someone chucked a couple of tins of white Dulux gloss all over the statues of Ghandi and Mandela?
I'm sure you disrespect "Ghandi" quite enough just by the comic mis-spelling of his name.
As you have mispelled it too Jno?
did you notice that I put it in quotation marks, dannyk? To indicate that I was quoting someone?

Come on, dannyk, you're a lot smarter than that!
retro; The answer is not indiscriminately blasting innocents with water. I did 3 tours of NI; the first two as a foot soldier, patrolling the streets and also, whenever protests became riots, as part of the 'Snatch Squad'. Ringleaders would be singled out, the Snatch Squad, armed with just a baton, would place themselves immediately behind a line of shield wielding troops, then, on the given command, those troops would part, allowing us to nip through, grab one or two of the ringleaders, and drag them back behind the shields. They would be arrested and taken away. This action would be repeated several times until the rioters had run out of effective leadership. Things would eventually quieten down and the riot would return to a peaceful protest. Only on those few occasions when the arrest of their leaders fuelled the mob's anger did we resort to rubber bullets.
What has happened to the police manoeuvre of kettling?
Surely its up to the genuine law abiding protesters to police themselves and others around them. Its the only way we are going to avoid mass violence

Jno - you appear to have a rather uncritical opinion of Gandhi if you think a simple typo discredits the great man.
Read the link above if you want a more nuanced appraisal (but, of course, his statues will stand for all time, now we're in the age of pick n' mix history).

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Gosh, He's A Brave Man, Isn't He?

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