Amazing Great Grandmother To Celebrate Her 105Th Birthday After Recovering From Covid-19

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Canary42 | 18:38 Mon 08th Jun 2020 | News
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For those sceptics who insist on a link, the full story can be found on the Portsmouth News website at

But here below is my abridged version. It makes a change to have a “Good News” story from the Cursed Covid Crisis, and other bits of the story also make interesting reading. Altogether very heart-warming (especially the sherry !).

Stay safe everybody.

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Born Doris Emily Smith on June 11, 1915, the resilient great-grandmother lived through two world wars, the era pre-antibiotics, and the Spanish Flu pandemic before recovering from pneumonia and mild Covid-19 after testing positive in April.

Doris – known as Dolly – is due to celebrate her 105th birthday on Thursday in [redacted] care home, near Petersfield, which she moved into in January - but independent Doris was digging in her garden until just a few years ago.

Granddaughter Kate Parker, from Petersfield, said: ‘She’s very chatty and very resilient, she is a very positive and happy person. She’s just amazing, a real family person.’

Dolly was one of 10 children born to Lily and Hector Smith in Barford, Warwickshire, and grew up on her family’s farm, with happy memories of fresh food and riding pigs around the orchard. She looked after her five brothers and four sisters, sadly losing one sister Peggy to tuberculosis.

Peggy’s twin Betty recently celebrated her 100th birthday and still lives independently in Leamington Spa. Betty had a visit from the BBC and local emergency services who sent her birthday well wishes at a distance.

Dolly married Edward ‘Ted’ Lymn during World War Two in 1941 after meeting at work.

Ted was a Dunkirk veteran from the Royal Warwickshire regiment, who swam out to catch the last boat back after he had been presumed a casualty while sleeping on the beach.

Dolly supported war efforts and made carburetors for the Lancaster Bombers alongside her sisters in Warwickshire. She would think nothing of riding many miles in the blackouts to dance the Charleston.

The secret to her longevity, Dolly states, is good food, a slice of cake and the occasional sherry. She is very much looking forward to celebrating her 105th birthday on Thursday at a distance with her local family.
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wonderful story. I wonder if sherry is the undiscovered cure for Corvid?
Question Author
You wish jno ;-)
makes you wonder if there's x amount of different strains of covid 19
or the lady has great genes.
Absolutely Amazing!
Great uplifting story.
Made of strong stuff that generation, I'll tell you ..
Well done, Dolly
"or the lady has great genes."

the fact shes lived to such a grand old age tells you she has...shes the one in a million or whatever that live to that age
she was born in 1915. It's just possible she survived the Spanish Flu after WW1, in which case she may have devleoped immunity to Covid 19. Something similar happened in a flu outbreak about 20 years ago, I can't remember which, but it seemed to affect comparatively few old people, and investigation suggested that was the reason.
Happy Birthday Doris x
Lovely story.
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Stop messing about, if there is a link just post it.

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Amazing Great Grandmother To Celebrate Her 105Th Birthday After Recovering From Covid-19

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