A Glimmer Of Hope For Those Of Us With ‘Back End’ Holidays Booked

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Zacs-Master | 08:03 Sun 07th Jun 2020 | News
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Leeds Bradford is currently on a ‘high risk’ List but Jet2 must know something is happening for them to start putting things in place.


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Virgin have announced that they will fly from the Uk to New York. My feeling is that plane operators can announce what they like, it doesn't mean that it will actually happen. There is also the issue of the 14 day quarantine when returning to the Uk. I know that exceptions have been mooted but nothing in place yet.
Outside the country, based on what has and is still happening, the whole of the UK is regarded as high risk. The question as to whether flights originating in the UK will be allowed to land at the destinations on the list remains uncertain. Jet2 were selling flights in March/April on the hope they might operate before they closed down completely and cancelled. I/we have been refunded a total of three Jet2 flights in March to May within that description.
Still waiting for BA and Qantas to reimburse us for the last mess, small bits returned so far but fairly optimistic.
A glimmer of hope? I bloody well hope so.

It’s currently 10.30am in Spain, and right about now I would be going for my first swim of the day in the Med, instead I’m just about to walk the pooch.

As soon as the skies open, I’m going to be flying ASAP.
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Indeed, DD. A return to ‘normal’ would do our mental health some good. Mine especially after the crap I’ve been through in the last few weeks.
unless social distancing is eased, aircraft will be carrying so few passengers that the cost is likely to exclude all but the very rich. :-(
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I’m pretty sure we will see further ‘easing’ in the next month. Maybe compulsory masks on aircraft and every other row empty?

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A Glimmer Of Hope For Those Of Us With ‘Back End’ Holidays Booked

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