Black Lives Matter Protest (Part 2)

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Deskdiary | 19:59 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | News
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This puts Cummings' drive into perspective, doesn't it?

Where are the people who lost their minds (many on this site) about Cummings' going for a drive now?


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“ I wasn't comparing the Cummings' escapade with the absurd protests in London“

From the Op

“ This puts Cummings' drive into perspective, doesn't it? “

Sorry are you comparing them or not? You mention them both in the OP whilst making a correlation, then wanting opinions on that correlation.
It's called Left wing hypocrisy, DD. It's revolting and constant.
"These protests have got right on my tits; we’ve been constantly preached to about the need to social distance and not meet in groups, and then these cretins congregate in their 000s. You only need half a dozen or so to pass it on to another half or dozen or so who in turn will pass it on and so on, and it will be as though the last ten weeks was pointless. In the meantime, it’s considered too much of a risk for me to visit my local pub."

Oh poor you poor little desk diary, getting upset about some protests aweee pooor you, you poor thing.

I wonder how those feel about being murdered for their skin colour on a cold pavement.

But awh you poor thing you. Protesters gettin on yer tits? Awww.
All i hear is..

If i can't go to my local they can't protest racism.

Now your answers make a bit more sense, ur drunk hurr durr
I wonder how the pregnant woman whose stomach this thug held a gun to felt and probably still feels to this day? Not something you will get over quickly I suspect.
>I wonder how those feel about being murdered for their skin colour on a cold pavement.
Has the US policeman admitted that he did it because of skin colour? I doubt anyone here, black or white, would have got in the position George Floyd was in. Clearly the policeman was out of order, regardless of the victim's skin colour.
How pathetically warped in the head you are.
you're all dumb.

you think george is the only focal point?

most racism you don't see, most racism isn't caught on film, most raism doesn't get spread around the world like wild fire

This is how naive you are

Racism happens every day, black people experience systematic racism EVERY SINGLE DAY. One week of protests and you're crying like bitches. Think how you;d feel if you got this much disruption in your life because of your skin colour, and then imagine if you can't run away.

You lot are so naive aint worth my time typing to you.
"I can't breathe"
Mmmm. There was a woman on the radio yesterday saying the world was run by white supremacists and just because a few white people had read a book about slavery they thought they understood but the only real answer was to put black people in charge.
Opinions do become polarised. Everyone needs to pause and reflect.
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Black Lives Matter Protest (Part 2)

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