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Barsel | 18:16 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | News
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Seeing all the crowds out again in London for the protest, will this mean a rise in corona virus being diagnosed among the black population as we have been told they are more at risk. If so, when would that show in the statistics. I have planned to venture out in 3 weeks time and I would like to know if there is going to be an increase, would we know by then? Thanks.


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Undoubtedly , they don’t care
Well if anyone knew the answer to that question, they would have a government position, I think?
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teacake44 I was hoping someone might know how long it takes for someone to get the virus when they have been in contact with someone who has it. I just went about it in a long winded way.
I would suggest checking figures from your local area and making a decision from there.
Where I live. just outside of London we have had 2 confirmed cases in the last two weeks so pretty safe...
Do you live in London?

The recent report showed that the BAME population are more likely to DIE from Covid-19. That is the same all over the world.

And because there are so many black and Asian people working in the front line on NHS, we're contracting the disease at a higher rate thank white people.

If you're white, you should be okay. Unless you're elderly - then I might seek some more assurances.

Ignore - wrong thread!
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sp1814 it seemed to fit in well with mine :-)
divegirl I don't live in London no, but in my head I'm thinking that most of the people taking part in the protest are possibly black and if they are in the group more likely to catch the virus then could there be a rise in the statistics of those being diagnosed and when would that show on the tables or scales or R or whatever it's called?
^^^joining the protest is clearly more important than the threat of potentially spreading or catching Covid among the many 000s in attendance.
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I live in Manchester and the protest is going on here.
Similar protests were seen in Manchester - where 15,00 gathered in Piccadilly Gardens -
My question is if someone were to catch the virus today, when would this show in the statistics , but it looks like nobody can know.
Difficult to predict but with the size of the crowds it seems possible /probable that people with the virus would infect others. Those flying in are being asked to isolate for 14 days so possibly there will be an increase in cases in the next 7 to 21 days of those who took part in the marches. This is just my opinion and should not be taken as fact
The argument some were using today is that racism is a bigger, longer term pandemic than Covid so they have clearly justified to themselves ignoring social distancing on this occasion.
I think 2-3 weeks is when it will show in hospital admissions. But as many are young the impact may not be as big as some fear- unless they go home and infect parents
Barsel... As long as you take the appropriate precautions as in hand washing etc you should be fine. Just look after number one ;) Are you planning something nice?
I'd say within 2 weeks for the attendees but longer for those they go on to infect
That is what I worry about FF. The protesters are mostly young and they could be putting their parents/grandparents and anyone else in their family with underlying health conditions at risk.
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Thanks for all your answers.
divegirl the only nice thing I'm planning is to see my new granddaughter who was born yesterday. As I'm shielding, the date I have been given for my release is June 26th when she will be 3 weeks old and I will go barmy if the figures go up and we are told we have to isolate for longer.
That sounds like an event to leave the house for!
Have a fabulous time, I'm sure you and your family will keep each other safe xx
// if someone were to catch the virus today, when would this show in the statistics //

from a friend who's an ITU clinician somewhere in the home counties: incubation period is 5-14 days. For the unlucky, onset of symptoms to hospital bed, up to ten days. from the even unluckier, hospital bed to body bag, about 20 days.

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Thanks everybody x
Apparently the R number in London is 0.06% which means it is acceptable to riot, sorry I mean to peacefully protest. So though it is provocative to see lack of self distancing, it is unlikely to result in a second spike.
If only there were militarised thugs policing London Streets, then they might be deterred from practising their democratic right to jump on a bandwagon.

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