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sp1814 | 17:01 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | News
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...seeing as there's been so much talk about Trump today, I would like to ask - do you think he might have mental health issue?

Hear me out.

He was being interviewed on Fox TV a couple of weeks ago. He was asked, themhost Ainsley Earhard:

//This Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your plans? What are you gonna do for Melania and do you have a message for all the moms that are watching this morning?//

He responded:

//Well, we'll be together. I'm going to a Camp David meeting — a big meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Camp David is this very special place that nobody ever gets to see but it's a great work environment. And we're going to have meetings on different things.
And we're going to have meetings on different things, and our military has never looked better. It's never been better. We've never had the kind of equipment that we have now.
And we had planes that were 50 years old, and more. Fighter jets — now we have the best in the world, the F-35 and the F-18, and you know, what we have is incredible.
The equipment and the people we have are great, but you know, they have to have equipment.//

//And we spent $1.5 trillion — really, more than that. And we've totally rebuilt our military, which you have to do. You know, I'm a very budget-conscious person. But you have to do.
The nice thing is — it's all built in the USA. And plenty of equipment coming. Lot of this equipment is coming. So it's very important that we have the best military and we have the... our military has never been in condition like it is now and soon will be."//

Whatever you think of Trump - had this been a relative of yours, wouldn't you be concerned?

Anyone who wants accuse me of bashing Trump - you're right, but I 100% think that this is completely bash-able. If you think this is a valid response to such a question...



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roy - // crap
take ''one of'' out of my previous post... I'm doing myself a disservice. //

OK - done that, it's not grammatically correct now, you need to take the 's' out as well -

but my question remains, how do you know this?
TCL, there was no subsequent question. He was reminded of the original - but SP chose to ignore his response to that. One could have been forgiven for thinking he hadn’t answered the question at all. That couldn't have been what we were supposed to think ... could it?
SP, //You then posted his reply to a subsequent question. //

See my reply to TCL.
Question Author

Yes - I totally get that the first answer was to a question that hadn't been answered, but I posted the full question and answer. He had to be asked the same question again, but that don't mean his first answer was irrelevant.

If Diane Abbot were asked, "How much money will be made available to recruit Met police officers?" and got the amount completely wrong and then got the numbers right when prompted againn- does her first answer become irrelevant?
Question Author
Ha ha naomi24.

But seriously - surely you have to agree that first answer was bizarre.

And the interviewer must've realised this...because she had to repeat part of it!
//He had to be asked the same question again//

So what? So shoot him. Nothing like making a mountain out of a molehill - but then he's used to that. Pettiness abounds!
I printed the question and his answer.

How bizarre.
Possibly problematic.
Question Author

What do you think about his response to the first question?

Another lefty caught trying to pull a fast one on AB (and getting busted)
Don't beat yourself up, Sp. All lefties do it. (I even know why they do it, bless)
SP, there was only one question which he began answering by saying they would be together. He then went on to say what he would be doing on that day - and then having been given a nudge back to the question, talking about his parents. How difficult is that to understand? Or do you not want to understand it?
Question Author
Okay nomi24 - very good.
Question Author

I’m sure that many would agree with you. I suppose it’s just one of those things where different people interpret the same story different ways.

I think we can agree to disagree on this.
17.58, Do you think you could stop acting so juvenile, just for this post.
Could it simply be that he's not a great speaker because he's not a career politician? Most politicians are adept at thinking on their feet (obviously Abbott being the exception that proves the rule) and bullsiht their way through interviews and manage to crowbar answers into questions that were not even asked.

It seems to me Trump doesn't possess this skill - doesn't make him a moron or insane.

It irritates the bejesus out of me when people refer to him as a moron, an idiot do not become a billionaire, head an enormous empire, employ 000s of people and become the most powerful man in the world, by being an idiot or a moron. If it were that easy everybody would be able to have a go, rather than throwing out the 'moron' insult behind the safety of their keyboards.

I really couldn't give a toss about Trump one way or the other, and quite clearly he very divisive, but to question his sanity and his intelligence is wrong.
Question AuthorSpicerack

///I’m sure that many would agree with you. I suppose it’s just one of those things where different people interpret the same story different ways.

I think we can agree to disagree on this.//

Oh dammit sp. I actually thought you were sincere when you posted the exact same reply to me yesterday (apart from the addressee)
I am devastated. You must have a ready prepared stencil. Just add username. :-(
Question Author

I do.

It's my way to end a discussion which has run its course.
Question Author

None of us are career politicians, but if we were asked what we're doing for mother's day, I'm sure we'd be able to answer the question without referring to F-35s.

Also - his business prowess.

Not great.
Reagan was the last President who we worried about his mental health. He sometimes got confused, and used the wrong words sometimes. After he left office, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
But Trump is quite different.
Trump deliberately winds up his opposition, and says things he oughtn’t to. But that isn’t a mistake, it is deliberate, and playing to his core electors. Rather than being stupid, it is very simple and very clever.
I think it is too easy to dismiss Trump is bonkers. If he is Forest Gump, why are the Democrats constantly on the back foot ?
Underestimate Trump at your peril.
You’ve got to admire naomi24’s patience. And I do.
This obsession with vilifying Trump is becoming rather tedious. Pick on Cummings again for a while, he was maligned too.
SP - there have been very very many successful people who are previous bankrupts; Peter Jones and Simon Cowell to name just two. I certainly wouldn't describe them as bad at business.

Having an entrepeneurial flair will often result in some failures on the way.

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