Obama Good, Orange Man Bad

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cassa333 | 11:28 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | News
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Or is it the other way round.

Perhaps the bias manipulation of news is why some people are anti Trump.

Worth listening to.


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Perhaps it’s just because he’s a misogynistic, maniacal half wit?
^ Obviously wasn't worth listening to by Zacs.
Question Author
Or perhaps you have been manipulated into believing that!!!

Perhaps even proof and evidence that refutes your manipulated belief will never be enough.

Shame really. There are what I would have thought were intelligent people out there that have been conditioned to parrot hate. But hat begets hate and so on and so forth as they say.
How do you explain the people who don't rely on what the media says Trump said, but rely on what Trump says Trump said, to form their opinion of him?
Sorry, I’ve seen enough Trump stuff to show he’s a mad moron.
I didn’t finish watching the OP link.
Ted Cruz. Isn't he the fella who, during Trump's election campaign, had his wife called fat and ugly, and suffered insinuation that his father was involved in JFK's assassination, both insults coming from Donny himself.

I guess his job is more important than his family.
Cassa - President Obama was not above criticism by any means, but at least he spoke and acted like the statesman he was, and not like a petulant thin-skinned spiteful rambling child.

My opinions on President Trump are based entirely on what he says, does, and has done.

They are not 'manipulated' by the media in any way - they don't need any assistance.
Brilliant, Jim. The man is literally unbelievable.
Some of us actually listen to what Trump says, jim, without it going through the prism of the bought and payed for media.
There is no manipulation needed. His misogyny is on record. His maniacal behaviour is demonstrated with the many sackings of people who threatened to expose him, or didn’t quite fit in with his ‘ideology’.

I don’t need anyone to ‘spin’ anything.
Indeed we do, Spicerack. That's my point, though. I've heard what Trump says and reached my opinions based on that.
Obama did very little in his presidency. He promised so much but did not deliver, mainly because the Republicans were able to thwart most of his ideas.
I believe Trump will win simply because Biden is so weak. Trump will use the riots and looting to his own ends he has already said that all the cities and states where there has been violence and looting are run by Democrats. You can hear him now saying “”
Look at these places, Democrats encouraging violence and robbery and looting, this is what America will be like if you vote for them,” and the majority of the Electoral College will.
Spicerack - // Some of us actually listen to what Trump says, jim, without it going through the prism of the bought and payed for media.
12:06 Sat 06th Jun 2020 //

Listening to what Trump says is the root of the problem!!!
//Some of us actually listen to what Trump says//

I've tried that, but my gag reflex isn't strong enough.
Excellent address Mr Cruz. Well researched and presented. Most enlightening.
I agree Carole and Jim. Arrogant beyond belief.
Cassa: When you hear something spoken by Trump 'Live' without edit, how can you accuse the Press of fake news and manipulation?
At first I thought of hi as a buffoon with no filter. Now I honestly believe he is a dangerous Narcissist, capable of taking the World into a third war that will basically annihilate our world as we know it.
I propose its you Cassa, that has been taken in by the Trump spin doctors and those in Trumps payrole. Only time will tell.
I don't think this is as simple as black and orange.

Science has done wonders for Oompaloompahs, knocking out the dwarfism at the expense of hair growth and weight control, but it's a start.
Douglas, I'm not trying HIS chocolate treats.

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Obama Good, Orange Man Bad

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