Nhs Doctor Resigns

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Arrods | 10:18 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | News
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So the NHS doctor has carried out his threat to resign if Cummings didn't. His choice of course. But is he not letting down his patients?


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He resigns just when the country needs every doctor available and puts pressure on other doctors who have to take his patients. His principles are in the wrong place.
10:31 Fri 05th Jun 2020
PP, I used the wrong word, it should have been retired. He doesn't need the money.
// Well he has a media career now so doesn’t need to waste his time doctoring//

doesnt pay that well
the director of the Beeb may be tray tray reesh but the hacks arent. Can you see why? The director sets his own pay

I often wonder if Harry Hill would have been better off
Other doctors - Richard Leech who was Javert in the Beeb 1964 version of Lez Miz - was only mod siccessful.
even Sarie Wollaston MP has gone back to her GP surgery
Conan Doyle of course
Rick Jolly cdnt make it as an author. [ Peter I was seven y ahead of you at Barts and now we are in the same pay grade (SHO) ]

blimeu it is lucky no one reads my posts innit
what a plonker!
// PP, I used the wrong word, it should have been retired. He doesn't need the money.//

we all need the moolah - well our wives do hur hur hur

yes that word is quite wrong - but as they say in the army - if you are going to screw it up then .....

you didnt ever say in service - "FIIIIIRRRRREEEE! - er oops I meant hold your fire - my bad?"
11.46 Cummings put the health of the country last, whichever way you cook it Cummings did wrong, and even worse he has been supported for doing so, and this is the doctors response.
My dear dad - I dont think [;onker was ever used in his case
In his generation he was revered as say a Dr Nigel Farage

German speaker ( hence the long walk) and bawled out the Kommandant using du instead Sie in public { "you know what you are doing is against the Geneva convention.....") - a guard commented in German - "be very careful what you say: we can send you to much more unpleasant places"

sozza sozza - hijacking the thread - some desrve to be hijacked and suffocated but er not this one !
Question Author
It wasn’t a response teacake - he was thinking of resigning before the Cummings episode.
The man's an idiot!
\\ and this is the doctors response.//
To the detriment of his patients.
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12.02 Thinking, may be, may be not, but Cummings helped him in his final decision.
to the detriment of his patients

er you have to SHOW a detriment (other doctors and it is not as tho the tmt of covid is certain and works well) dont you?

and not just say it and its true in good AB style !
Cummings response, to the detriment of the public.
If this person was a man of principles he would dip his hand in his pocket and repay the fortune it cost to train him. Then a doctor with serious principles, and real courage could join the others who risk their health for the betterment of others. There has been a few deaths in the TFL staff . I am sure they would welcome replacements.
If Cummings was a man of principles, he would resign, instead still being paid for telling lies.
Cummings thwarted a low, cowardly attempt by the left wing to stymie the current Brexit negotiations. This attempt failed whilst the Prime Minister was hors de combat with covid. Cummings is worth his pay in doing that and has my appreciation.:-)
" If it means Some Pensioners Die ,Too Bad"......... The words and thoughts of Cummings, and you admire him, I hope if you are a pensioner that you are healthy.
Well Cummings and retros thinking is not healthy at all that's for sure.
// But is he not letting down his patients? //

No. It's a job. If he wants to resign he's perfectly entitled to do so without anyone saying he should feel guilty about it.

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Nhs Doctor Resigns

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