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No, we have taken on enough.
Whether we should or not is a moot point as they were part of the Commonwealth for 99 years.
A tough one. They're under the control of the Chinese because we got shot of them in '97. Does that mean we should have a little responsibility to our former colonists?

I have mixed feelings, 3m is a lot of people.
We would be giving them the protection of UK citizenship, support of our embassies
etc when they were surveyed most expressed no desire to come to the uk.
Rather them than certain other 'refugees.'
Many Ugandian Asians did well when they came here. The Hong Kong people would be a great asset.
We are so densely populated here and we are a small island and yet I believe it was part of the agreement when Chris Patton handed it back to the Chinese who keep reneging on their promises , that they could keep their British citizenship ??
britain cannot absorb 3 million people, im sure china would not care if they left, plenty from mainland china to refill it and some.
I feel desperately sorry for their situation, but no, I don't think we can absorb three million. It's just too many.
I doubt they'd all come - not at once, anyway.

This situation is a mess. It goes back to the first and second Opium Wars in the mid to late 1800s. Then when we signed a lease for the New Territories we somehow threw in some parts we already "owned". No doubt in 1898 it all seemed like a good idea, but 99 years later China was a somewhat different country. Now the Chinese are defaulting on the terms of the handback, the question is ... is the whole handback void? Or do they get to keep the land, and we get to keep the people? Or something else ... ??? A mess.
Why not , plenty of room. The Uk population of UK is only 68 million , another 3 million won't even be noticed. Well done Boris, another one of your hairbrained Ideas . Cummings only has to let you think for yourself for a few days and this is what you come up with. No wonder you need an adviser.
Well we are already a melting pot so three million Chinese would add a little more variety and culture to our diversity. I love the Chinese perspective, they have a very ancient history.
A few years ago I made a comment to Mr BD that we were being taken over by the Chinese and he laughed but I still think it. They are buying up everything. Football clubs, businesses and property. I remember reading an article stating that in Manchester something like 93% of all the new flats and apartments being built in the city were being bought off plan by Chinese companies. The locals don't get a look in. No doubt when they are built they will then be rented out and the profits will go overseas.
The simple answer is we don’t have room for another 3 million people here
I'm with shoota.
Where can you put them,? Think there is more space up North.
yes three million ! and if they ALL have one baby a year, golly that will soon be more than the whole population of England!

but I know! someone will suggest building a great warl !
and yes making the chinese pay for it !

have fun boys and girls
They can apply to come here like anyone else. I don' t think there's any particular onus on us to prioritise them since China took Hong Kong back though.
"Should we give them the right to come here"? "We" or "You" ain't got no say in the matter "me old China". IT's up to your great leader to decide. you voted for him. Sunshine.
I agree with Shoota as well. I`m not sure we can absorb 3.5M people but... don't confuse Hong Kong people with mainland Chinese. Very different cultures.

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