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Sme folkwho bought the bogrolls and pasta, Bobbi, greedy, entitled imbeciles.
Question Author
Just why anyone would queue bumper to bumper for a McDonalds happy meal is quite unbelievable
I agree with Douglas, it is probably the same people who bought up all the toilet rolls and packets of Paracetemol. I think their behaviour is based on anxiety. Their attitude of "We need to get this before anyone else does" is based on fear of missing out that probably causes them a lot of anguish. But I agree, they do look like a bunch of twits.
Never been in an Ikea and haven't been in a MCDonalds since our son grew out of them about 30 years ago.
I could understand it if they were queuing to get into Fortnum & Mason for a ready meal
Well, it would seem that they are but it’s far beyond my comprehension.
Ikea is somewhere I go with friends for a browse and a coffee, occasionally buying a few bits in the market place. Don’t suppose the cafe is open yet!
As for McD, just no.
Must be a result of being stir crazy!
Question Author
Ikea had the arrows on the floor before C-19 was even heard of , you go in and follow them before coming out at the far end, ensuring you’ve seen everything , very clever Swedish thinking , haha
"Shoppers were praised for their patience...". Haven't they heard of ordering online? I'd much rather pay for delivery than be out at 5am to queue.
If I was hungry and saw the queues outside any food establishment, i'd go home and make myself a sandwich!
Completely ridiculous, but if people want to stand in the blazing hot sun for an hour to get a billy bookcase and a plate of swedish meatballs, it's up to them i guess.
Question Author
I find it weird Tomus
I read that people were waiting in queues for four hours to get into Ikea. I guess they've read a lot of books during lockdown and desperately need some shelving to store them.
probably haven't heard of kindle ...

not for any particular reason but i've never been in a fast food restaurant, am i unusual?
3 hr queues at Ikea.....2 hr queues at McDs, not a sole at the covid testing centres.....empty car parks and approach areas all coned and barriered of to cope and staff sitting bored and idle. Be moaning about the lack of tests carried out any time soon.........after they have stuffed their faces with junk and built a junk wardrobe.
//McDonalds sales figures for 2019 was 100 billion dollars

There must be a lot of knuckle dragging punters out there - no ? //

Why are people who like McDonalds 'knuckle-draggers'? I agree it's weird to queue as some are doing, but I don't mind McDonalds. Guess that makes me a 'knuckle-dragger'.
Question Author
I’ve had a McDonalds a few times and I’m not a knuckle dragger but I would never Q for one
i wouldn't queue for a pint of Guinness and that's saying something

Naomi/ bobbi

Lol - my comment was tongue in cheek and not meant to be talking serious
I was indeed having ago at people who seem appear to be too good for MD

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